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 2011 MUSTER Photos by Lowell

 Gosser:  HERE! and

 his movie is  HERE !  great Job Lowell!


                                                     John Davis

                                  Dante Stephensen & Lowell Gosser

                                         Rudy, Peterson, Tom Hawkins

                                                  Hershel Davis and ??

                    Lil Ron Rogers                                                     Fred Miller

Mike Getkale, Hector Delgado, David Godshal





Mike Howard  Dante Stephensen


Bill Brummuller behind him is Lenny Waugh


Ross Perot, Rudy Boesch, Dante Stephensen






       Swede Tornblom, Lourdes Tolentino, and Erasmo "DOC" Riojas in Anchorage AK











  Raleigh Kraft 


The office of Raleigh Kraft:      Wall of Warriors



Harry Constance and a beauty


Raleigh Kraft & Erasmo Riojas meet for 1st time











Doc Riojas,  Damien Rio, Lourdes,Michael Rabbitt, Viola Rabbitt, John F. Rabbitt Jr.  18Jul2011














Norman Olson, A.D. Clark, Jim Tipton, 2010

Lowell Gosser

Bill "Fat Rat" Sutherland      2010

Doc Mc Carthy, Bill Goines and his Wife Marie

Beverly , Chuck Detmer, Harry Constance


"lil" Ron Rogers

Ray Tullas and ??

Jim Finley

??, Norman Olson, Jim Tipton


?? Chuck Jesse

Lt: John Jauzems & Fred Miller

??,  Billy Burbank


Rick "Ranger Rick" Woolard


??  and Bob Moore

Margaret Bosech and Billy Burbank  2010

Tom Hawkins

Lt to Rt:With Glasse, Doc Rio, Rudy Boesch, Tom Hawkins, Robert "Pete" Peterson

Jim Cook

Fred "Doc" McCarthy and Wife




  Photos by Lourdes "LouLou" Tolentino