Fred Fisher

Date: 31, August 2017
From: John Fisher
To: Doc Riojas G’Day

Well you have asked for some photographs. I have picked some out.

# 1 I was destined to join the Navy. About 3 years old. London UK.
# 2 Boot camp Southern England bottom left kneeling. Youngest in group @ 15.
# 3 Me left as a very young E6, transiting Magellan Straits SA.
# 4 Escape training from 100 feet UK.

Doc, these pics that I sending am you, Joe Garrett has never seen them before. All the ones that are taken internally
on the boats I have served on, we were “cruising”, I think with your background, you know what I mean.

Your Friend
Fred Fisher

John Fisher Attachments

# 5 BBQing on our way home. If you ain’t had a Sub BBQ, you don’t know what you have missed. Ha-ha. As you can see Doc, we were not “Dry”. Got to have a beer with a barbie Mate. # 6 Repairing main HF antenna at sea. Had to ride the mast up to get to defect, otherwise we would have had to return to port. Will not do that again in a hurry!! # 7 On watch, operating the One Man Control. # 8 Home!! Getting rid of the adrenalin!!

# 9 Another ruddy Birthday at Sea! #10 Just cruising # 11 Navigating at the chart table control room. # 12 This was a bad day Doc.

# 13 My turn to cook the BBQ!! # 14 Down time, in Oahu near the Sub base Pearl. My watchkeeping buddy, he was a bit “Tired”. # 15 With my lovely wife and best friend Marilyn. We have been married 50 years this year Doc. She deserves a medal Mate; that’s for sure. # 16 My last day in uniform Doc. Warrant Officer1 Fisher. The day I resigned! # 17 Christmas Day on our back verandah. A ritual that I always carry out on that morning. A glass of Navy rum for my Mates & Shipmates on Eternal Patrol. I haven’t changed much since then Doc.

If you want to share any Doc with Joe Garrett or anyone else. Just cruising okay?