Mike McGreevy Memorial Scholarship Fund 
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Steve Anderson (SEAL)

To all SEALs;

For those of you who knew Mike McGreevy, or will be in the Hampton Roads area the first week of November?there will eventually be a website as well.

The Mike McGreevy Memorial Scholarship Fund

?Do Justice, Walk Humbly, Love Greatly?

Dear Family and Friends,
I want to share with you an exciting new project that I?m working on and ask for your help in getting it off the ground. I?ve decided to start a scholarship fund in Mike?s name. One of the hardest parts about losing Mike was the incomprehensible fact that such a truly great person was no longer part of this world. I would think to myself, ?There needs to be more people like him in the world, not less.? There was no other person I knew who walked with more humility or sense of purpose than my husband. He lived his life with calm integrity, always striving to do things better in all aspects, while enjoying himself along the way and inspiring those around him to do the same. I hope to encourage and pass along these noble ideals through this scholarship fund. I also want this to be a way for Molly to feel connected to her daddy. The scholarship will be presented to two recipients annually; one from the Hampton Roads area and one from Mike?s home town of Portville, NY.

It?s been two years since the crash and life is moving forward for Molly and me. We are both happy and constantly busy with travel, visiting friends and family, enjoying the pool and the beach, training for races, and now preparing for the upcoming school year. (Molly starts preschool five days a week in the mornings and I will be working to finish my certification to be a Reading Specialist). I?m also finally at the point where I am ready to take on an endeavor such as this scholarship fund. I realize time has passed and Mike?s death is not as fresh in people?s minds, but I believe that it?s never too late to do something positive for others.

Now, here?s where I need your help. To set up the fund, I plan on hosting two events in the following year. The first is an outdoor party in the fall and second is a running race in the spring. I?m going to need assistance to pay for these events. I will be attempting to get many items donated, but there will inevitably be costs. I?m asking that you please help me by donating to the fund now to help get me started. Of course, attending the events will also benefit the fund, so whatever way you can help is greatly appreciated. I?ve set up a nonprofit corporation which carries a Tax ID number (EIN #26-0769950), so your donation will be tax deductible. 

To donate, send a check payable to:
The Mike McGreevy Memorial Scholarship Fund
2109 Creeks Edge Drive.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

In the next month, I?m planning to set up a website for the fund that will make it possible to donate online, but snail mail is the best I can do for now, sorry!
My first event, the party, tentatively entitled ?Fall Fling? will be held on Saturday, November 10th from 1-5PM at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. There will be a set ticket price (still to be determined) and will include food, beer, a band, some kid?s activities, and door prizes. Mark your calendars, I?d love to see you all at this event! I will keep everyone posted on both events? progress as I go. Please pass this letter along to any and everybody you feel would like to help out. 

Thank you so much!


Laura McGreevy


SEAL widows to benefit from Friday benefit

05:45 PM EST on Thursday, February 9, 2006

Reported by: Mike Gooding

Last June, six locally-based Navy SEALs died in Afghanistan when their Chinook helicopter was shot down in the Afghan mountains.

Laura McGreevy’s husband, Lt. Mike McGreevy, Jr., was one of them.

"We knew. I always knew in the back of my head it was a possibility, but honestly, he was good at his job and he convinced me that he was always going to be ok that I honestly never worried about him."

Today, she’s pressing ahead in the face over still overwhelming grief.

"He was my best friend and the best person I ever knew and I have absolutely no regrets being married to a Navy SEAL, absolutely none."

McGreevy and other SEAL widows are coming together this weekend to share a bond that only their small circle could comprehend.

Laura and 20-month-old daughter Molly will join other Navy SEAL widows for a fundraiser at Keagan's Irish Pub at Town Center in Virginia Beach . It's Friday from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

The United Warrior Survivor Foundation is sponsoring this first-ever East Coast gathering. The organization provides financial assistance, financial guidance and planning support along with college scholarship grants, educational counseling, professional bereavement counseling, and peer-to-peer mentorship to the spouses.

Former SEAL Nick Rocha of San Diego is the group's president and CEO.

"There's a kindred brotherhood and a code that we have in battle. If something happens to me, make sure my family is taken care of. Well, I take that very seriously and I want to make sure we honor that promise because battlefield promises are real," he said.

There’s pain, too.

"There's anger. There's sadness. There's loneliness. Then you're happy. Then you feel guilty for being happy. But you know that your husband wants you to be happy. So there's just this whole wave of emotions you go through every day," McGreevy added.

In all, 16 American commandoes died in that crash. Ten were SEALS, six were from Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek.  It's said to be the largest single loss for the base since World War II.


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