NAVSPECWAR Establishes New Command

  Friday, January 05, 2007 By Naval Special Warfare Public Affairs
The Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command was officially established as the new command during a formal ceremony early December.
For the first time in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) history, individual advanced training for U.S. Navy SEALs has been placed under the responsibility of one command. Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command in Imperial Beach, Calif. was officially established in a formal ceremony in early December. Prior to the establishment ceremony, Advanced Training was a department at the Naval Special Warfare Center at Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, Calif.

The new command, which is located on 540 acres of land near San Diego, is an ideal location to provide Naval Special Warfare forces with standardized, accredited and approved advanced training and curriculum in support of the Naval Special Warfare mission. The command supports more than 30 advanced training courses, seven detachments and 15 training sites across the country, including detachments in Alaska and Hawaii.
"You cannot be the world's best without training to the highest standard of training," said Advanced Training's outgoing Officer in Charge, Cmdr. Ryan Zinke. We recognize that failure to provide anything less may result in mission failure and loss of life. Rest assured, NSW advanced training is the best in the world and is instrumental to our ability to intercept and engage our enemy before they can strike again."

Special guest Imperial Beach mayor Diane Rose was pleased to welcome the new command and acknowledged the Navy's contribution to the community. "We have many active duty and retired Navy members in our community and the morals and standards of our Navy gives our community the strength of character that many other communities would not have."
The commanding officer of the newly established command, Cmdr. Wesley Spence, took charge of his new command of more than 200 personnel and spoke of the benefit of making advanced training for Navy SEALs available in one location.

"The establishment of the Advanced Training Command, combined with existing SEAL Qualification Training and the east and west coast training detachments, exemplifies just how far the NSW community has progressed in its training methods and standards," said Spence. "I eagerly anticipate working with each of you as we meet the challenge of ensuring our SEAL operators continue to receive the best possible training."