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Class 51 East
Jim "Spaceman" O'Neill and Col George Paccerelli in Russia submitted: Apr 30 2017,

Jim "Spaceman" O'Neill here (UDT-21, SEAL-2, BUD/S 62).

 Doc,  First;  I have enjoyed your website for years — thanks for your efforts, much appreciated. Joe Silva and I served in the same platoon when I was in SEAL-2 and although we were not bosom buddies or anything, we were tight. I know you knew him. 

In any event, my friend Harry Butler recently sent you a photo of myself and others preparing for a jump in Russia (I am 2nd from the right) which you posted (Harry and I were in the same platoon in UDT and switched over to the SEALs around the same time). 

I’ve attached another photo from the Russian trip which you may find of interest. Whether you think it “post worthy” is of course up to you. It is of myself (left) and Col. George Paccerelli (right). I am wearing an East German paratroopers beret I picked up in Berlin on the way, as we we were required to wear covers at times and I had left mine back in the states. 

George was inducted into the “Ranger Hall of Fame” at Ft. Benning in 1993 (the year after this photo was taken). He’s wearing a South African jump smock which he acquired in SA when we were there earning our SADF jump wings the previous year — we were roommates on both trips. He is the only guy I’ve ever known who was actually bayoneted (during some intense hand-to-hand with VC). 

Col. Paccerelli passed away earlier this year, and the world lost one of its great class acts. An excerpt from his obit is below. He was not, of course, a Team member, but I thought you might enjoy his shared warrior ethos. 

All the best — fire in the hole! Jim 
From:  Jim O’Neill   May 4  2017

Frank Butler

Doc, I looked through my scanned photos and came up with a couple you may find of interest. 
The one taken on the beach is from 1973, when I was in UDT-21 (I am not in the picture). 
The other one was taken in 1990. It’s a shot of myself (far left) and two buddies at a post-jump party after we had earned our South African Defense Force (SADF) jump wings Bloemfontein, South Africa.   I also attached a photo of the old DC-3 (C-47) we jumped out of, courtesy of the “1st Para Battalion” out of Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Godspeed, Jim
Robert O'Neil
David PaAaina
Don Shipley & Hershel Davis
Jeff Gonzalez
Scott Chierepko

Ryan Francis Larkin R.I.P. 1988 - 2017

Ryan Francis Larkin, US Navy SEAL, age 29 He was trained as a Special Operations Combat Medic and a Naval Special Warfare Sniper.
Denny Johnson
Milton J. Sands

Wiley "Norman" Combs R.I.P. 1927 - 2017

Donald D. Griffin R.I.P.

Robert R. Leamer Jr. R.I.P. 1932 -2017

CDR Joe De Floria

 From: Joe DeFloria
To: doc Riojas
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 
Subject: Picture on page 6 

Doc, the picture’s about a third of the way down on page 6. The photo was taken at Bac Lieu in late 1970. I was Det Golf Cdr. Coordinating a 2 platoon op against a group of VC smuggling weapons in from the coast. 
Thanks for the advice on the platoon photo — I’ll see what I can do. 

Joe Defloria , U.S. Coast Guard Captain  
100 Ton Master’s Captain License 

Captain Joe DeFloria is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL Commander with multiple direct action combat tours in Vietnam as a SEAL Platoon Commander, and as a SEAL Detachment Commander. During his 27 years in the U.S. Navy, he also served as the Skipper of the SEAL training unit in Coronado, and as the Commanding Officer of Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) 12. Captain Joe has been an active charter boat captain in San Diego for 15 years.

LDNN: maybe Choi (sp), unknown, unknown, isrish flynn, R. Williams, Ron Byrum< Moki Martin, Ron Ostrander, Mitch Bucklew, Apo Gouveia, Joe DeFloria;   ST-1 Alpha Platoon, Tet Offensive 1969, Binh Thuy, RVN
From:Joe DeFloria 
To:    Doc Riojas       date:  29May2015
Subject:  Layton Bassett and Joe DeFloria Snipes on Destroyer in San Diego before becoming Frogmen
Doc, it would be great to see Layton and Vickie Bassett  out here for the August reunion. He and I go back to 1954 when we were both Snipes on a Destroyer out of San Diego. We both live in Navy Housing at the time and our families were close. One of his daughters, Beverly Jo, is named after my first wife and me. Unfortunately I haven’t seen much of him in recent years.          Joe

– January 5th 2015

Here are some pictures of Walter. One is when he was on active duty, one with me in uniform May 2011, one at a HS reunion about Nov 2012, and the last is with our dogs DEC 2014. Hope these are what you are looking for.
Email to:, Apo’s wife  Eillen
on Tantalus Dr. on Oahu, overlooking Honolulu, Waikiki and Diamond Head
Walter’s (APO’s) message board 

to:   Doc Riojas, cflynn01, jdefloria, bassettudtseal, mitchBucklew, SprFrog, pdirkx, reis.gouveia, tcflorio, tedcoyle, wal_tak, SUSIERAUCH, jgulick, Jflorio743, Joseph.Florio, DKMSEAL, ibkelleys, retseal, charles.chalde., ronbell619, bsnmate, fwaranch, bulldevine, sealonemaama, clem1103 
Hello everyone! 

Thank you all for coming to Walter’s(Apo’s) service on Friday. The picture of the white board attached was for his friends and family to write him a message. If you didn’t get a chance to write one and would like to, please do so. Type or write you message on a white paper with colored ink, pen or felt tip. Then email me the copy or mail to me at 6891 Estero Blvd. #341, Ft Myers Beach, FL 33931. I would love to fill up all the space on the board with wonderful messages for him. If you weren’t at the service please feel free to do so as well. Thank you. God bless! 

From: Philip Martin [mailto:pmartin3 [at]]
Sent: Monday, November 02, 2009 11:05 PM
To: jgulick [at]
Cc: Joe Defloria
Subject: ST-1 SEALs, can anyone ID them? thank you

Yes, I  do.  That pix is of  the 1st squad of Alpha Platoon during Tet offensive 1968 on the Bassac River in the Mekong Delta.  This was taken by a Life magazine photographer.
From left to right are:   Joe Defloria, Ron Ostrander?/ Irish Flynn?, Apu Gouveia, Moki, Willy Williams, Mitch Bucklew.  The boat is a ST2 STAB and we wee working with Dick Marchinko’s platoon.

Moki responded earlier to Doc Riojas with the following, and attached here is another photo of the same group with names identified that Doc Rio already has posted on his web site. 

Yes, I  do.  That pix is of  the 1st squad of Alpha Platoon during Tet offensive 1968 on the Bassac River in the Mekong Delta.  This was taken by a Life magazine photographer.
From left to right are:   Joe Defloria, Ron Ostrander?/ Irish Flynn?, Apu Gouveia, Moki, Willy Williams, Mitch Bucklew.  The boat is a ST2 STAB and we were working with Dick Marchinko’s platoon.

Moki Martin
If you get in contact with “Apu” Walter’s Hawaiian nickname he could probably fill you in on the others in the photo, as well as an ID on the boat.  Contact Bob Baird,or Rick Rogers   of “The Old Frogs and SEALs” and they can probably tell you how to contact Govea.  He will be on the roster………..

Standing lt. to rt.:  PK Barnes, KC Scout, Happy Baker, Mike Collins, Thang, Randal Clayton, Jim McCarthy, Chieu Hoa, Mike Capelnor, Lou DiCroce         Kneeling: Allen Vader, Clint Mjors, David Shadnaw

From: Joe DeFloria
‘doc rio’
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009
Subject: RE: SEAL Team One, X-Ray Platoon

How about putting the photo of X-Ray Platoon and Chief Frank Bomar on page 6, in the area of Alpha Platoon. Maybe I can muster up some other West Coast platoons to add to that page in the future. 
Hope all is well. 
Best Regards, 
Joe DeFloria

Fred “Doc” McCarthy’s Photos
“Doc” is a plankowner ST-2
Rio, You said you wanted some pictures.  Will these do?  Plenty more where they came from, but not all have team members in them.  Local color and scenic.   
Platoon "Bravo" Squad (minus Mr. Gormely) Standing: JTollison, Garrnett, Bump Kneeling: McCarty, Birtz
Lowell Gosser
Barret in the corner "Doc" McCarty yellow shirt, on the USS Wise,
Standing: L to R: Garrnett, Bump, Birtz Seated: "Doc" McCarty
Standing: Birtz, Bruhmueller, Martin, Tollison; Kneeling: Watson, Finley at the door "Eagle" Gallagher
Kenny Estok
Fred Toothman
Bruhmueller, Prince, Doc Mc Carthy
JT Tollison, Fred McCarthy
Lenny Waugh, Jess Tolison, Chuck Detmer
Two ST-2 "Doc's" Fred McCarthy & Erasmo Riojas
Friendlies up front our objective in the background.
Our squad got caught out in the open area. Had to call in air support. We were recovering from an all night intel, recon mission when all hell broke loose.
View from safe ground. Recon site in background
Hatien on the Cambodian border. Spent three weeks in tents here.
Hatien Rd. sign
"Doc" McCarty and PR2 Steve Dunthorn purifying water buffalo for camp site. H20 came from adjacent swamp.
EM2 Dorian Kaiser
EN2 Al Ebner
SK2 James Dilly
QM3 Larry Simmons

McRaven Admiral  addresses the University of Texas at Austin Class of 2014

Don Shipley
Bill langley Familia

Commander Robert Andrew “Gus” Kaminski, 39

                                                                                                                                                                 SAN DIEGO, Calif. –  

Commander Robert Andrew “Gus” Kaminski, 39, of San Diego, Calif., died 
peacefully at his home on May 27, 2011, following a courageous three-year battle with cancer.
He was born Feb. 2, 1972, in Steubenville. A Weirton resident, he graduated from Brooke High School in 1990, and accepted an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.
After graduating from the Academy and being commissioned as an Ensign in May 1994, Gus reported directly to Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training. He graduated with class 200 in August 1995.
His first assignment was with SEAL Team 3, where he completed three deployments to the Persion Gulf. He was a task-unit assistant, assistant platoon commander, and a platoon commander at ST-3.
Gus’s second assignment was at SEAL Team 5 as the operations officer. He was responsible for training and equipping eight SEAL platoons for overseas deployments and maintained six departments: ordnance, diving, training, communications, medical and administrative.
From June 2002-04, Gus served as the Officer in Charge of the U.S. Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs. He commanded a 12-member team and its mission of supporting recruiting goals for Naval Special Warfare.
Following his first Leap Frogs assignment, Gus completed a joint tour at Special Operations Command South in Homestead, Fla. He served at the U.S. Army Centric Command on a U.S. Air Force reserve base as one of three SEALS.
Gus returned to the Leap Frogs in June 2007 for a second tour as OIC. Gus’s awards include a Defense Meritorious Service Medal, a Joint Service Achievement Medal, two Navy Commendation Medals, two Navy Achievement medals, and various unit and service awards.
                                                                                                            Joseph Molina
Stacy Virgin
Doc Riojas & Richard Cyrus
UDT Class 35 E.C
Capt Roberts & Don Shiply
SubBase N.L. Conn. Pistol Team
Ty Valkanas & Todd
Adm. Eric OLson
W.D. Powers & Wally S_______

Capt David Del Giudice will be inducted into the Commando Hall of Honor (CHOH) on 27 October 2010. 

Capt Dave was the first CO of ST-1, below is a statement about his career by Capt Andy (3rd CO of ST-1) 

LTC FARRELL — It will be a pleasure to bring forth information pertaining to CAPT DEL GIUDICE and his outstanding career in Naval Special Warfare. As stated previously – Dave and I were Both Executive Officers of UDT-12 and UDT-11. The Commodoroe (LCDR MACK BOYNTON) was summoned over the COMPHIBPAC to discuss a TS message pertaining to the formation of a Special Operational Force. We were selected to be on the ‘WHAT IF COMMITTEE”= to respond to CNO’S query.

  In December CNO Directed that SEAL’S be established. LCDR BOYNTON selected Dave to be the Commmanding Officer of SEAL TEAM ONE to be effective 1 January l962. Thereby making Dave the FIRST SEAL. SEAL TEAM ONE was composed of Officers and men from UDT-11 and UDT-12. Later that year Naval Operational Support Groups (Atlantic & Pacific) were established. Capt Phil Bucklew became the Commodore and shortly thereafter he and David Del Giudice departed for Vietnam to work on plans and operations. The ensuring works are contained in the Bucklew report. Dave received a high decoration for his part. SEALS were deployed as Mobil Training Teams  (composed from both coasts)in l962 and employed around Da Nang.



            Jesse Ventura: A Mini Biography

 Jesse Ventura  aka:  James Janos      

Governor Jesse Ventura served as the 38th governor of Minnesota from January 4, 1999, to January 6, 2003, but he is more than a politician. In fact, he doesn’t like being referred to as a politician at all. Before entering the world of politics, he served his country as part of a U.S. Navy UDT team (the forerunner of the SEALs), won fame as a professional wrestler, worked as a bodyguard for big-name rock and roll acts like the Rolling Stones, and had roles in major motion pictures, including “The Running Man” and “Predator.”

Governor Ventura first entered the public eye in the mid-1970s as a profession wrestler, gaining fame for his physique and wrestling as Jesse “The Body” Ventura. He wrestled until 1984, when blood clots in his lungs ended his in-ring career. After a failed comeback bid, he worked as a color commentator on television for “All-Star Wrestling” and later “Superstars of Wrestling,” hosted his own talk segment on the WWF’s “Superstars of Wrestling” called “The Body Shop,” and did color commentary on radio for a few National Football League teams (among them, the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers). Ventura most notably co-hosted “Saturday Night’s Main Event” with Vince McMahon and the first six WrestleManias (1985-1990).

Ventura’s acting career was a natural extension of his television work. He appeared in “Predator” (which starred future California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger). He had a starring role in the 1990 sci-fi movie “Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe,” and had supporting roles in “The Running Man,” “Demolition Man,” “Repossessed,” “Ricochet,” “The Master of Disguise” (in which he steals the Liberty Bell), and “Batman & Robin.” Ventura also made a cameo appearance in “Major League II” as “White Lightning” and appeared as a self-help guru (voice only) in “The Ringer” trying to turn Johnny Knoxville into a more confident worker. In addition, Ventura had a cameo in “The X-Files episode” “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space” as a Man in Black alongside fellow ‘MiB’ Alex Trebek.

Ventura ran for governor of Minnesota as the nominee for the Reform Party of Minnesota. His campaign consisted of a combination of aggressive grassroots events and original television spots using the phrase “Don’t vote for politics as usual.” He spent considerably less than his opponents (about $300,000) and was a pioneer in his using the Internet as a medium of reaching out to voters in a political campaign. He won the election narrowly–and unexpectedly–defeating the major-party candidates, Norm Coleman (Republican) and Minnesota Attorney General Hubert H. “Skip” Humphrey III (Democratic-Farmer-Labor).

Deciding not to seek a second term in office, Ventura left the political arena, but continued to speak out about the issues he cares most about. He taught a study group at Harvard University as a visiting fellow at the Kennedy School of Government’s Institute of Politics in which he focused on third party politics, campaign finance, the war on drugs, and other relevant political issues. He has written two books since leaving office, both with Dick Russell, “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me!” and “American Conspiracies.” He also writes and hosts the television series “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura,” which airs on TruTV.    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Former Governor Jesse Ventura has filed a lawsuit against the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to take on invasive airport pat-downs. [READ LAWSUIT]

Former Governor Jesse Ventura has filed a lawsuit against the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to take on invasive airport pat-downs. [READ LAWSUIT]

Ventura Strikes Back with Lawsuit Against TSA


William Hoopes and Tom Norris
UDTs 1965 Santo Domingo USS Boxer LPH 4
Brandt Young
Keith Davids
At McPhee's: Lt - Rt: Mike Mc Quillis, Frank Thornton, ??, ??, Duke Leonard, Chuck Fellers, Chief "patches" Watson
Mike Thornton & SEAL Admiral ?
Don Shipley
Top Lt -Rt: Estok, Finley, Bump, Clark, Brumuller, Martin, ? Fox? ,Watson, Tollison, Waguh MIDDLE: Lt - Rt: Mc Carthy, Garnett, Tollison, Detmer, Birtz SITTING: Goines, "Big" Rogers SEAL Team TWO
Lt-Rt: Bill Goines, Fred McCarthy, Lowell Gosser, CHuck Detmer, Frank Thornton, "Pee-Wee" Nealey, Eddie Leisure, Guy Nixon, Tollison SEAL Team TWO, Little Creek, VA.
Kevin Farrell
Lon Franklin
Arles "Nasty" Nash
Jay Stanley Ken Ploof Boob Shouse Bill Hamilton Jim Hazelwood
Michael P. Allen Hell Week

From: Jeffrey O’Konek   

Email: 06/21/2011

Hey Doc,


I was looking through the pictures on your website and on Page Six 


there is a picture entitled “Michael P. Allen Hell Week”. The guy, 


second from the left with the Third Class stripe on his helmet, that 


looks like he’s about to expire is me.


Just thought you’d like to know.




Jeffrey O’Konek


Webmaster NOTE:       Acturally, the guy with his hands over the log is the one about to croak !


Arturo Farias
Bob Shouse
John Roat
Fred Keener, Curtis Ashton, Eagle Gallagher, Kelly, Rio
Pat Martin and Erasmo Riojas
Bob "Eagle" Gallagher & A.Dee Clark
Jeffrey O'Konek
Dow Byers
Tim Kroeger & Don Shipley
Ron Yeaw

       Eric Greitens Biography

Eric Greitens was born and raised in Missouri, where he was educated in the public schools. He was an Angier B. Duke Scholar at Duke University where he studied ethics, philosophy, and public policy. Selected as a Rhodes and Truman Scholar, he attended the University of Oxford from 1996 through 2000. There he earned a master’s degree in development studies in 1998, and a Ph.D. in politics in 2000.

Eric’s award-winning book of photographs and essays, Strength and Compassion, grew from his humanitarian work. His doctoral thesis, Children First, investigated the ways in which international humanitarian organizations can best serve war-affected children. He has worked as a humanitarian volunteer, documentary photographer, and researcher in Rwanda, Cambodia, Albania, Mexico, India, the Gaza Strip, Croatia, and Bolivia. Strength and Compassion is a collection of striking photographs from each of these countries, combined with bold essays on Strength, Pity, Dignity, Courage, Faith, Time, Hope, and Compassion. Among other accolades, Strength and Compassion has been recognized as ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year and the Grand Prize Winner of the 2009 New York Book Festival.

Eric is also a United States Navy SEAL officer, and he has deployed four times during the Global War on Terrorism: to Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, and Southeast Asia. He has served as the Commander of a Joint Special Operations Task Unit, Commander of a Mark V Special Operations Craft Detachment, and as Commander of an Al Qaeda Targeting Cell. His personal military awards include the Joint Service Achievement Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon, the Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star.

In 2005, Eric was appointed by the President to serve as a White House Fellow. The White House Fellowship is a non-partisan, non-political appointment that is considered America’s most prestigious fellowship for leadership and public service.

Eric is a sub-3 hour Marathon runner and the winner of the Shamrock Marathon at Camp Fallujah, Iraq. As a boxer, he won two Oxford Boxing Blues and the Gold Medal at the BUSA National Boxing Championships. Outside Magazine recently named Eric their first ever Reader of the Year.

Eric used his combat pay from Iraq to found The Mission Continues. The Mission Continues empowers wounded and disabled veterans to begin new lives of public service. From May 2007 to May 2009, Eric contributed over 2,750 volunteer hours as a volunteer Chairman and CEO. In October 2008, the President of the United States personally presented Eric with the President’s Volunteer Service Award in recognition of his inspiring national leadership working with wounded and disabled veterans. In June 2009, the Draper Richards Foundation named Eric as a Fellow, recognizing him as one of the leading Social Entrepreneurs in America.

Eric also serves as a Senior Fellow at the Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri, where he teaches on public service, ethics, and leadership.

Wayne Jacobs: Athlete / Coach / Counselor / Educator


U.S. Navy Special Warfare (Frogmen/SEALs)
Competitive Olympic Style Lifter – PSA/AAU Weight Lifter of Year
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach – San Diego State Univ.
Strength & Conditioning Coach – University of San Diego
Teacher – Recreation Department
Lecturer (Stress Management) – School of Business
Counselor – Office of Drug & Alcohol
Nutrition Committee Member – Dining Services
Conference Host & Coordinator – National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)
Founding Board Member – House of Health Research Institute
Commercial & Government Sales – Host Fitness Systems/Fitness Warehouse


                    In the Valley of Death?  Who was the Meanest Muther?  We are U.S.Navy Sailors!  SEALs!   LDNN’s   PBRs!    Swift Boats?    Ho Chi Minh?


                                     Click on Image to Enlarge it.

    Mark Divine (SEAL)                       Matthew Axelson    &  Danny Dietz  KIA Afganistan   

J.E. "Older than Dirt" Barnes with Frank Buck hat.
David A. Hansen
Archie Grayson, Joe Silva, Jim Tipton, Bob "Eagle" Gallagher
Archie Grayson
Archie Grayson, Rudy Boesch, Stan Janecka, Eagle Gallagher, Pat Martin, ?? , sitting Skip Isham
Archie Grayson, Sheryl, Doc Cox , Riojas
Archie Grayson, Dante Stephensen, Bill Garrnett

Keep me in you book.
Will be finishing my contract here 10 May and will meet Judy in Calif. for the flight to Fla. look fwd to seeing you at Panama City May 14.

D. Stephson, C. Poulnot, A.D., B.Coulson, D. Swartz and myself are going to Celebrate 50 years since graduation Class 22, we actually completed it Oct “59 , what the hell it’s close enough.

Here are some pics. Would be great to be in with John Francis.
I had no problem id:ing this guy, he gets better looking by the day.

Jerry Hammerle
UDTR Class 22 (LC)
oceancap     comcast     net

Larry Bailey, Rudy Boesch, ??
Roy Boehm

                                                                                     Cindy & Matthew Axelson

Archie Grayson & Ashbrenner (sp)
Mike Thornton

Navy SEAL Ryan Job

Posted By Froggy

Ryan was the SEAL who was critically wounded preceeding Marc Lee’s death in Ramadi on 2 August 06.  Ryan was shot in the face and he has completely lost his right eye and may very well lose his left.  He is recovering at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland right now.  I had the privilege of speaking with Ryan this afternoon on the phone, and I was struck by the courage and committment of this young man even at what must be his darkest hour. 

Ryan was very grateful for Marc, “shooting for me,” while his platoon tried to casevac him from the Ramadi rooftop where he was hit.  Ryan was also grateful that an M1 tank put two 120mm rounds into the building from which he was shot.  He told me that he takes great comfort in the fact that the terrorist who took his right eye won’t be around to enjoy it, and I heartily agree with him.  Though he certainly knows that he won’t have the chance, he emphasized repeatedly to me that all he wanted to do was to get back into the fight with his platoonmates and that he’d gladly give his left eye for the opportunity.

Where do we get such men?   

I spoke with his mother and brother over beers at world famous McP’s Irish Pub in Coronado, CA on Saturday.  They had attended Marc Lee’s memorial service.  Ryan has a great family that love him, but like many of our hero’s families, they don’t have cash sitting around to spend on travel expenses and hotel rooms so they can visit their warriors during their recovery.  I donated to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation so that these needs could be met.  I’d encourage B5 readers to do the same if you are able.

I am trying to set up a fund for Ryan to get a Valour IT laptop which totals out at $800.  I will put down the first $250, and I would ask that readers who feel led, would step up and put up the remaining $550.   

Froggy is back:

I just wanted to report back to the B5 crew about the laptop drive for Navy SEAL Ryan Job at Bethesda.  You may remember that Ryan was shot in the face in Ramadi on August 2nd and lost his right eye.  His platoonmate, Marc Lee, provided the suppressing fire that allowed the platoon to medevac Ryan off of the roof where he was wounded.  Marc’s sacrifice of his life to allow Ryan a chance to survive earned him the Silver Star and his rightful place in the pantheon of fallen SEAL Team heroes. 

I spoke to Ryan in the hospital last week and told him that I was going to try to raise money to get him a Valour-IT laptop-which we did here on B5 in EIGHT HOURS!  I asked the Soldier’s Angels rep to total up the donations received last week for Ryan and she just wrote me back to say that all told, we raised $2535!  In addition to Ryan’s laptop, three more wounded warriors will be getting one as well.  I want to thank the B5 readers for their compassion and for actually putting their money where their heart is. 

I also wanted to give a shout out to Beth, Lynette, Patty, and Adele  from Soldier’s Angels for their rapid response to my request for Ryan and for personally ensuring that Ryan received the computer last Saturday morning.  Your efforts are appreciated.  And I don’t want to forget the man who started it all-Chuck Z- has been working behind the scenes to oversee the delivery.  HOOYAH Chuck!


Homer and Clara Marshall
David Goggins
Carl Swepston & VN BietHai
Alex Verduzco
Ann Cooper in center

                                                     L.K. williams H.T. Williams, O’Toole, Roy Boehm,  ??                H.T.

Jim Barnes H.T.
?, O'Toole, L.K. williams

                                                                                          Riojas, Swede Tornblom and Hoot ANdrews

         Richard Marcinko                                                            Doc Riojas was one of the two qualified
                              SCUBA divers on the ship.  School ran by CPO Bob Sheats at Escape Tank Pearl Harbor territory of Hawaii.

Riojas, Osborne, Lynch
Boynton,Constance,Riojas, Ashton, Matthews, Rowell; 7th platoon ST-2 guys on Mike boat by the USS Benehwa
Eddie O'toole, Callahan , Roy Boehm
Sam Orr, LouLou Tolentino, Linda Ball & son Wiley
Doc Riojas, LouLou Tolentino, Sam Orr
Jack Saunders and wife

Frank Scolise   

from Bill Langley

PS- About 1/4 the way down is Frank Scolice in his cooking pot.  During Operation Flintlock in about 1965 on Normandy Beach.  

 Frank was our cook for two or three weeks.  He ran out of coffee filters so he took off his boot, pulled his sock off and poured coffee into it.  He made coffee, and each time someone told him how good it was he would grin, laugh and thank them. 

 Since I didn’t drink coffee, he let me in on the prank.  No one knew what he did.  There was no lack of excitement or humor on that trip.

Scottie Lyons & Tom Keith
Scottie Slaughter "Shark Hunter Extraordinaire" , Human being extraordinaire !
Muster Ft. Pierce, the ole Scouts and Raiders: God Bless them all !
Per Erik Tornblom
Ev Barrett, Pete Wikul and Timmy McTrusty
Tom Keith, Bob Barth, Erasmo Doc Riojas
West Coast Frogmen
Bill Brumuller & Fred Miller
Susan and Roy Boehm
Peggy & Tom Shoulders, Notice Houston Oilers Glass in his hand?

Frank”Sparkie”Sparks  is the SCUBA diver in the movie “JAWS.”    Sparks, a USNavy SEAL
and another of the Frog Family turned movie star.  Good luck to you “Sparkie” and God Bless you!

Per Erik Tornblom's Swedish family taken ~1989
taken from The Blast Magazine, West Coast SEAL reunion ~2000 yr.
Tom Norris & Bob Kerry
Bob Kerry
Senator Kerry

       Moleda   ST-4 WIA Panama Fiasco 


Mike Mc Quillis rt: Rudy Boesch, Everett Barrett, Ed Surko, and Bob Butler
Christopher L. Zevallos
lt to rt: GEORGE DORAN, Frank Scolise, Pat Patterson.

                                                                                  Clarence T. Risher III Tom Keith with Stoner Machine gun

Clarence Risher III
John Roat
Chris Bent
Doc McCarthy,Rio,Rabbitt,Bob Moore
John Francis Rabbitt
Viola Rabbitt & Johnny
Erasmo "Doc" Riojas
DaiWee Richard Kuhn LDNN , ST-2 OinC Advisor & Erasmo "Doc" Riojas HMC ST-2 DOc Riojas painted the sign and he brought back the wood gold wings from Olongapo P.I.
Rick Anderson (SEAL), his son an FMF Corpsman HM3 was KIA Iraq
C. A.Anderson family
?? Bill Brumuller & Jim Tipton & CO ST2 Mr. Callahan and his wife ??
Bill Brumuller and Prince SEAL Dog
Eric Prince CEO Blackwater
Harry Humphries, Ray Tullas, Tom Hawkins, Gene Cahill
PeeWee Nealy & somebody's wife?
Chomi Nash
Joseph "Red" Coyle & JoAnn Coyle
David "Big Bird" Hyde
Chuck Jessie and Erasmo "Doc" Riojas WIA
RVN Working where the Army would not go ! "Butch" Ashton was KIA 2nd Tour
Boynton,Constance,Riojas,Ashton, Matthews, Rowell


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 From: Ken & Melba Delfino 
To: Doc Riojas 
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 10:02 PM 
Subject: Cupertino Veterans Memorial Dedication 

Set III: Photo 1 SECNAV Winter and Hawaii team          Photo 2: Sheriff Dept bagpiper in rear; Axelson’s brother on right wearing blue tie        Photo 3: Wreath from Gamewardens of Vietnam Association, Inc. (River Patrol Forces’ Black Berets)               Photo 5: Donna and Corky Axelson with team.    They are in front of the SEAL depicted to be their son.

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Adm. Joe Kernan
SEAL Officer
Ryand T. Young
Harry Constance
Doc McCarthy,Rio,Rabbitt,Bob Moore
John Francis Rabbitt
Viola Rabbitt & Johnny

                                 Erasmo “Doc” Riojas                          Bubba Brewton


DaiWee Richard Kuhn LDNN , ST-2 OinC Advisor & Erasmo "Doc" Riojas HMC ST-2 DOc Riojas painted the sign and he brought back the wood gold wings from Olongapo P.I.
Rick Anderson (SEAL), his son an FMF Corpsman HM3 was KIA Iraq
C. A.Anderson family
?? Bill Brumuller & Jim Tipton & CO ST2 Mr. Callahan and his wife ??
Bill Brumuller and Prince SEAL Dog
Eric Prince CEO Blackwater
Harry Humphries, Ray Tullas, Tom Hawkins, Gene Cahill
PeeWee Nealy & somebody's wife?
Chomi Nash
Joseph "Red" Coyle & JoAnn Coyle
David "Big Bird" Hyde
Chuck Jessie and Erasmo "Doc" Riojas WIA
RVN Working where the Army would not go ! "Butch" Ashton was KIA 2nd Tour
Boynton,Constance,Riojas,Ashton, Matthews, Rowell


—– Original Message —– 
 From: Ken & Melba Delfino 
To: Doc Riojas 
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 10:02 PM 
Subject: Cupertino Veterans Memorial Dedication 

Set III: Photo 1 SECNAV Winter and Hawaii team          Photo 2: Sheriff Dept bagpiper in rear; Axelson’s brother on right wearing blue tie        Photo 3: Wreath from Gamewardens of Vietnam Association, Inc. (River Patrol Forces’ Black Berets)               Photo 5: Donna and Corky Axelson with team.    They are in front of the SEAL depicted to be their son.

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Adm. Joe Kernan
SEAL Officer
Ryand T. Young
Doc McCarthy,Rio,Rabbitt,Bob Moore
John Francis Rabbitt
Viola Rabbitt & Johnny
David "Big Bird" Hyde

E.C. Class 19  
 P.A. Violich Lt. USNR [ret]
 was Honor Man

    Erasmo “Doc” Riojas   is Honorary Member of CLass-19 E.C.


Doc, a little sea story:

You’re putting me on!  At that juncture I had been in the Navy for only one year but I am pleased that I looked like a CO albeit with a single stripe. I must have been smiling because I had orders to go to Greenland for the summer with Ernie Ols, John Dearman, Nummy Johnson and my good pal the Swede.  We had a great time with a girl behind every tree [18″ high] and the Eskimo mothers wanting Swede and me to ping ping their daughters to get fair skinned kids.  


Joe Heinlein told us at the last reunion that Ramos had died.  He was with us at our 40th but missed the 50th last year.  Good man. Had to bail him out of the Norfolk jail for fornicating in public.  In the back of a car with a married juvenile who he met that night. Her husband had to pick her up from the court.  What a mess. 



Hey Doc, That smiling face is of your’s truly. Could not be Dante as “Shapes” is only about 5’8″ and I was one of the taller guys in my class. I had to stand next to the Adm. as part of the punishment of being the Honor man. Notice that all the rest of the 0-1 and 0-2’s are in the front row.


Hooyah,  Vultch    


                                                                                                                      Class 19 E.C. top row: Per-Erik Tornblom, Ray Ramos, Marslr, Ken Gless, CHuck Newell, Lynch, Doc Riojas(honorary member), Billy Burbank, Hiline, Pat Martin


On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 9:08 PM,
Joseph Heinlein  email:  j3heinlein  [at]  bellsouth  DOT  net   
Sad to report that William “Bill” Smith of class 19 is deceased. Contrary to the false reports of his death years ago, this report is true as confirmed by his former wife, Lorraine who I know you remember.

Bill died in December 2009 of bone cancer. He and Lorraine had four children. He also had a lucrative mutual fund business in the Boston area.



05/08/2017   Email from R. D. Russell, SEAL archieves

Swede, Rio,

The roster for graduates of Class 019ec is as follows:

Alexander, John William Jr

Burbank, William Edward Sr

Foster, Clarence Eugene

Gay, Joseph Atlee

Gless, Kenneth E.

Grady, Clayton Charles Jr

Hammond, Arthur G.

Heinlein, Joseph E. Jr

Knox, Devereaux “Bull” C.

Lynch, Maurice “Mo” P.

Marsh, Norman James Jr

Martin, Pat Glenn

Mimbs, Norman E.


Nealy, Richard “Pee Wee” C.

Newell, Charles “Chuck” A.

Palmer, Frederick M.

Papadokos, Takis  

Ramos, Perfecto

Smith, Larry J.

Smith, William Hugh Jr

Stern, Gene D.

Tarbox, Tom N.

Thompson, Josiah D.J.

Tornblom, Per-Erik “Swede”

Violich, Paul

Vogel, Joseph Edward

Vogel, Lowell E

Wagner, James Edward


Rich “Doc” Williams RIP with wife Tillie

Homer "Doc" Marshall, "Doc" Williams, Ted Kassa ST1

To: thkassa30  [at] 
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 7:17 AM 

Subject: Richard Williams (Doc) 

I am sorry to inform you of the passing of one of SEALS outstanding (Vietnam era) Corpsman. DOC passed away at 1502 on 20 January. He was very active in the Teams and made several tours to Vietnam. He helped treat LTJG Hendrickson and Rusty Campbell when they were exposed to White Phosphorus and the Doctor was unfamiliar with the procedures. With Detachment Bravo he cared for the Teammates for many of the medical problems associated with the RSSZ. Saving Raymond Abreu’s life when he checked on him in Vung Tau and found him in serious condition and immediately got him shipped back to the States. Abe– had dysentery and had lost over 20 lbs. 

Doc was a Jack of all Trades-and was actively involved in fabricating the “MIGHTY MOE”; he performed much of the welding when installing the armor plating–He and Roger Moscone worked well together to get Seals a boat that they could use in the rivers and waterways.. 

Doc is survived by his wife of 52 years and 3 Sons. 5 Grand Children and 4 Great Grand Children. Doc retired from the Navy after a very colorful career. He then went into law enforcement for 32 Years, 12 of which were as sheriff. The cause of death was congestive Heart Failure, which plagued him for an extended period of time. More information will be provided as it becomes available.. Ted Kassa is helping with the Military Services. If any of you have some stories or other information to contribute -please send it to Franklin Anderson or to Ted Kassa. 

Maynard, Bruce and Frank – would you disseminate this info to your emailing list– Thanks – Franklin

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                              click on photo to enlarge                                     Olivera

I see a lot of beautiful women and quite a few UGLY men! They look like FROGs!

               William “Woody” Woodward’s Photos

                                         Gunner “Woody” Woodward  

             Gunner William “Woody” Woodward    and    Hoi

Gunner William "Woody" Woodward
John Wilkin & Gunner "Woody" Woodward
"Woody" & Marcus "Doc" Luttrell
Gunny Carlos Hathcock. He died a year or so later. He had trained most of those guys in thispicture; along with a hell of a bunch of young SEALs.
Woody, newly licensed pilot @ Cubi Pt.
Barry Enock & Robert Smith
John Friesch & Robert Smith
Mickey the cave VungTau 1968
Robert Smith
Rocky & Robert Smith
Stan Janeka

From:   Dante Stevensen,

Doc ,

 Re the JFK foto near the bottom of your long page:

The foto was taken in early cold 1962 was of my assault group. Also shown on the foto nest to Stan Janecka on his left is Green and then Kucinski.

To his right, but not shown was RA Tolison. To the left of JFK was his chief-of-staff and to that man’s left was our skipper, John Callahan. I was standing to the left of Callahan. It was damn cold outside that day.

 AD Clark was in a room elsewhere with Roy Boehm where AD demonstrated our newest weapon, the AR 15. The conversation AD had with JFK, who within days supplied his secret service with AR 15s, got Roy Boehm, our then XO, released from an impending court martial.

 Roy ordered those weapons without supposed proper permission, and the powers that did not want the navy to have a unit of anti terrorism came down  hard on Roy.

AC Clark and I were 2 of the 11 that graduated        class 22 (east). Claus Kratky and Bill Daugherty were injured during our class and were rolled back to and graduated class 23.



                                                     Carl Swepston Plane


Brown and Turner
Jason & Son
Dan Healy
Bob Kerrey
Lance Vaccaro
Herlinda Dealy & Daughter
Nathan Hardy & Son Parker
Mike Monsoor
Marc Alan Lee
Thomas Valentine
Michael Howard
Russ Geraldi & BrainMulholland
Jesse Ventura
Ryan Job sight
Ryan Job WIA blinded Ryan & Kelly Rob
SEAL Team FOUR platoon, Operation Just Cause
Nick Rocha
Tom Norris & Mike Thornton
BUD/S Class 236 Klassic Koverage LCDR Erik Kristensen SEAL


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    Mi Vida Loca – Copyright ©1998 – All Right Reserved        email:  docrio45 [at]

Morning Folks,
Doc Riojas, if you want to publish it on your website, here’s a humorous trailer for you of my next book. IF not, enjoy the read…. Later, Carl 

Howdy men, I hope everybody is impatiently awaiting the arrival of the third installment in The Indomitable Patriot series. The book takes us back to 1943 and the submarine USS Great White (SS-299), commanded by LCDR Marcus Spencer. You will recall the Great White and Captain Spencer from the first book, FERTIG, along with Evelyn “Pinky” Pinkert and LCDR (detailed OSS) David Meyers from both FERTIG and book two, DEAN. The Great White is at Mare Island for overhaul and installation of some OSS communications gear. After attending meetings at OSS headquarters, Spencer, Meyers and Pinky drive the the OSS training academy, the former Congressional County Club. All right, here’s a short, humorous trailer from book three…. 

The meeting continued for a couple more hours before breaking. Meyers, Captain Spencer and Pinky drove to the Country Club to spend the night with Pinky in the guesthouse. The following morning they would fly to Fort Monmouth in Pinky’s Staggerwing Beechcraft. 

~~~ ~~~

“It never fails to amaze me, whenever I come down here,” Meyers said as they parked in front of the administration building. “I’ll never forget the first two weeks of the academy when Pinky shared a bunk in a dormitory with twenty-three other men.” 

“That’s all right, Mister Meyers,” Pinky said, ice in her voice. “We can save that story for another time!” 

“Now my interest is peaked,” Spencer replied. 

“Later, sir,” Pinky replied as she deeply blushed. “Only after a martini will I be able to tell that story.” 

“My humble command,” Pinky said when Meyers and Spencer stopped and stared at the barbed-wire encased Quonset huts. “Come inside administration for a moment and I will introduce you to Colonel Godfrey, our administrator. Not even the Colonel has clearance to enter the barbed wire. After meeting the Colonel, David and I will give you a tour of the facility.” 

As they drove around the complex, David and Pinky explained the training program for OSS Special Agents. They were parked at one of the five-hundred yard ranges when Spencer asked, “You went through all this firearms training, Pinky?” 

“Captain Spencer,” Meyers answered, “Pinky is a distinguished master with a rifle. She can outshoot me.” 

Spencer glanced at Pinky. “My COB, or Chief Of the Boat on the Great White is a thin, wiry fellow. Almost soft-spoken, but get under his skin or fail to obey a command, he instantly becomes a grizzly bear. I suspect, ma’am, the two of you are not that different.” 

Pinky started up and then abruptly stopped their Jeep. “You see that man out there, Captain, the one leading that squad. He will be going to Tinian with you. His name is Carlos Hathcock, Senior. He can outshoot all of our firearms instructors. He can hit bull’s eyes at a thousand yards with an iron-sighted rifle.” 

Spencer slowly shook his head as Pinky started up again. “Such young men we produce, to go in harm’s way,” he muttered under his breath. 

~~~ ~~~
Captain Spencer, David and I ate in the cadet’s mess. The food service was very good for cafeteria-style service. Afterward, we adjourned to the recreation room where I fixed martinis for the three of us. David brought up the subject of the academy again… to my great embarrassment. 

“You delight in forcing me to tell that story, don’t you, Mister Meyers,” Pinky said as she broke out in laughter. 

“Marcus (Spencer had told them to dispense with the Captain Spencer routine), my family owns this place, the former Congressional Country Club. I lived in the guesthouse when they leased it to the OSS for the duration of the war, under the condition I continue residing in the guesthouse. My uncles didn’t want me moving back to Chicago where I would be too close to them. The OSS hired me, and I applied for special agent training. David and I were in the first academy class.” 

“For the first two weeks of physical, as well as stress training, everybody lived in open barracks. If you survived that period, you moved into individual rooms for the remainder of the training. Their theory, the enemy would neither discriminate nor go easy on a female, so they lumped everybody together.” 

“Sunday afternoon, the day before the training officially began; I’m arranging my uniforms and gear in my locker… in an open bay with twenty-three other guys.” 

Marcus began to chuckle and then laugh aloud. “Excuse me, Pinky, I’m picturing you bunking in the crew quarters on a sub and being with eighty men who have not bathed in a week or two. It gets pretty foul at times on a boat!” 

“We are all tending to our gear while our drill instructor marches up and down the aisle, screaming ‘The enemy intends to kill you, pretty women as quickly as big, tough men,’ and all that.” 

“And then Gunny stops at my bunk. I come to attention. The rim of his Smokey Bear hat a fraction of an inch from my forehead. ‘Pinkert, you get one privilege,’ he screams… spittle landing all over my face. ‘There is one stall in the head with a curtain. That stall is yours alone. In exchange for that privilege, you shall not use the men’s urinal. Do you understand that?’” 

“Sir, yes sir,” I screamed in Gunny’s face, biting my tongue to keep from laughing. Then Gunny screams, “Men, you will report immediately if you catch Pinkert using your urinal. Do you understand that?” 

“A chorus of ‘Sir, yes sir,’ rang throughout the barracks. By now I’m about to explode with laughter.” 

“It got worse when Gunny yelled at us about one shower for everybody,” David interrupted. “I’ll save Pinky further embarrassment and leave that to your imagination.” 

“Pinky, water is in such short supply on a sub that bathing usually amounts to a gallon of water, once a week if you’re lucky,” Marcus replied. “There is an officer’s head on board, but it’s usually crammed full of supplies for most of a patrol. Everybody uses one head in the after torpedo room. That, too, becomes pretty foul after weeks at sea.” 

Carl McLelland


THE INDOMITABLE PATRIOT  Fertig, The Guerrilla General

One of our guys, although he had the misfortune of going Army instead of Navy, has become a writer in
his old age. His first few books were about the paranormal… he likes to chase ghosts in his spare time. But his latest
endeavor; Wow! He has started a new series of books he calls Behind the Lines. His first book, recently completed and
published is titled “THE INDOMITABLE PATRIOT: Fertig, the Guerrilla General.” It’s a historically correct novel about Wendell Fertig in the Philippines in World War II.  Here’s what the book looks like. 
Cover Final :
May, 1942. General Wainwright has just surrendered the Philippines. Wendell Fertig, a Corps of Engineers Lieutenant Colonel, refuses to comply and flees into the mountains of Mindanao. Fertig is soon
joined by dozens of former Philippino Army scouts who encourage him to form a guerrilla Army. Over the next few months Fertig is joined by several other displaced American soldiers, one of whom builds a small, makeshift transmitter and establishes contact with the Navy. 
General MacArthur denounces Fertig, going on record claiming it’s impossible for a guerrilla movement in the Philippines to succeed. The O.S.S. decide to take a chance and covertly supplies Fertig by submarine. Once he receives the tools to wage war, his achievements become legendary. By the time MacArthur returns to the Philippines in 1944 he is met on the beach at Leyte by a force of over twenty thousand of Fertig’s guerrilla Army. 

This fictional accounting is based upon the actual military records and reports of one man’s impossible achievements against overwhelming odds; against an enemy who outnumbered him a hundred to one. Wendell Fertig, a civil engineer and untrained amateur in the ways of war, defied the predictions of the experts and brought the Japanese Army to its knees. Enjoy this first installment in the new Behind The Lines series of combat thrillers based upon historical records.

The book is available from Amazon in either print or Kindle versions, or by special order from almost any book retailer.
(He’s not Tom Clancy yet. They don’t stock his books but they can order them). These links will take you to the Amazon listings. If you look at the Kindle listing there is a Look Inside feature that lets you read through the first chapter. 


About the Author     Carl’s professional career began as an Army and then FAA air traffic controller. He advanced from a small radar van in the Central Highlands of Vietnam to the TRACON in one of our nation’s busiest airports. He also became a commercial pilot and flight instructor, retiring after thirty-nine years of flying. By 1986 he was experiencing severe burnout. He put himself through the police academy, resigned from the FAA and became a deputy Sheriff in Reno, Nevada. He retired after a distinguished career on the street. Not only the cop on the beat, Carl became a renowned traffic accident reconstructionist on his departments Major Accident Investigation Team, as well as a highly acclaimed crime scene investigator. Throughout his life Carl has been a student of the paranormal and often experienced the effects of the supernatural in his personal life. In 2012 he became involved in the saga of the haunted Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas and its resident spirit, Ladell Allen Bonner. The result of dozens upon dozens of paranormal interactions with Ladell led Carl to write his first book about Ladell’s life and death. Writing that first book sparked a latent avocation in his life: writing. Carl has always been a connoisseur of military history, and that interest began a new direction for his writing. This latest book is the story of Wendell Fertig, and the beginning of a thrilling new series, ‘Behind The Lines.’ While the stories are fictionalized, they are all based upon factual military history. Join in with Carl and enjoy his books as you gain an interesting new insight in what war is all about.

The following is typical of the reviews I’m receiving on the book: 

Just finished your book and you get 4.0 marks from this old Navy Seal. Really enjoyed and it adds to my hobby of WWII.
Spent 22 years of my 34 in and out of the PI. Have traveled every island and was trained a marksman by RJ when we were
stationed at Team 2 during Vietnam. Still a very good friend I keep in contact with. Going to recommend it to my friends,
at least the ones that can read.