50th ST1 Commemoration

Photos contributed by Carl Swepston and Dennis Mc Cormack, John Westfall

Coronado, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2012) Rear Adm. Sean A. Pybus, Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command, renders a salute during the parading of the colors at the Naval Special Warfare 50th anniversary celebration held at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. Pybus was on hand to commemorate the Jan. 1, 1962, establishment of SEAL Teams ONE and TWO. Over the course of fifty years, the SEAL Teams have grown from 2 teams with 20 Officers and 100 Enlisted Sailors to 10 teams with 600 Officers and 1,900 Enlisted Sailors. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Luke J. Perry)

Coronado, Calif. (NNS) – In response to President John F. Kennedy’s desire for the armed forces to possess an unconventional warfare capability, the SEAL Teams in the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets were officially established, effective Jan. 1, 1962. SEAL Teams ONE and TWO were commissioned with 10 officers and 50 enlisted men each. Since that time, the SEAL Teams have grown impressively in number and capability.

“Over the past 50 years, Navy SEALs have become one of the finest irregular warfare forces in the world today,” said Rear Adm. Sean A. Pybus, Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command. “From the Mekong Delta to the Hindu Kush, deep at sea or far into the desert, Navy SEALs have proven themselves to be tough, versatile, and successful. Forged from the same steel as their predecessors, today’s SEALs will continue to adapt, evolve, and win, as our Navy and nation need.”

January 13, at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, distinguished guests joined with personnel, past and present, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Naval Special Warfare Community.

20120113-N-EC992-007 Coronado, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2012) Retired members of the Naval Special Warfare community, to include Rear Adm. George Worthington (center) and Rear Adm. Cathal “Irish” Flynn (right), came together during the 50th anniversary celebration held at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado to commemorate the Jan. 1, 1962, establishment of SEAL Teams ONE and TWO. Over the course of fifty years, the SEAL Teams have grown from 2 teams with 20 Officers and 100 Enlisted Sailors to 10 teams with 600 Officers and 1,900 Enlisted Sailors. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Luke J. Perry)

Hosted by SEAL Team ONE, the ceremony recognized 50 years of dedication and selfless service that members of the Naval Special Warfare community have volunteered to their country. Capt. Collin P. Green, Commander, Naval Special Warfare Group ONE, gave the opening remarks and shared his thoughts about this prestigious organization.

“I haven’t felt like a new guy in a long time, and I’m just hoping that nobody makes me go get wet, ” said a smiling Green. “It’s great to be together as a family to celebrate such a significant milestone in our history, and it is a real honor to be up here in front of so many distinguished Naval Special Warfare operators.”

“Let today be a catalyst for us to rededicate ourselves to learning more about the individuals here today and the events that populate the chapters of our great history. Take the time today to meet the forefathers of Naval Special Warfare.”

Green introduced Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Mike Thornton, who shared his memories of his teammates and his life as a Navy SEAL, “One thing I do know about the Teams of yesterday and the Teams of today is that we don’t go to battle for accolades or for medals. We go to battle for the greatest nation in the world. We go to battle for the man on the right of us and the man on the left of us, we go for the man in front of us and the man behind us – our comrades-in-arms. We go to battle for each other because we want to sustain freedom as we know it, and we want to sustain that same freedom for the future of America.”

Coronado, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2012) Mike Thornton, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient and past member of SEAL Team ONE, shares his experiences about being a SEAL during Naval Special Warfare’s infancy at the 50th anniversary celebration held at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. The ceremony commemorated the Jan. 1, 1962, establishment of SEAL Teams ONE and TWO. Over the course of fifty years, the SEAL Teams have grown from 2 teams with 20 Officers and 100 Enlisted Sailors to 10 teams with 600 Officers and 1,900 Enlisted Sailors. (US Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class Scott Taylor)

To commemorate this day, former SEAL Team ONE veterans and Vietnam Veterans, Mr. Louis Mcintosh and Mr. Phillip “Moki” Martin, presented a plaque showcasing the history of SEAL Team ONE to Rear Adm. Pybus. 

“When you think about 50 years and a unit like SEAL Team ONE that has done so many things, I am just in awe of what we have accomplished,” said Martin. “I’ve watched these young guys today, and I see where they are in terms of how they train, how they are equipped, and what they are doing. I’ll tell you that they have come a long way, but I sure am glad that I was part of the path that led them to this point.” 

“I saw a lot of good friends (today), some of which I haven’t seen for over 40 years. The ceremony was a good time. It was a good, emotional time, but it was certainly a good time.” 

As the colors posted and the benediction was read, former and current members of the Naval Special Warfare community came together, sharing a common thread that withstands the test of time. 

Coronado, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2012) Guests attending the Naval Special Warfare 50th anniversary celebration held at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado browse through a book about Vietnam-era SEALS. The ceremony commemorated the Jan. 1, 1962, establishment of SEAL Teams ONE and TWO. Over the course of fifty years, the SEAL Teams have grown from 2 teams with 20 Officers and 100 Enlisted Sailors to 10 teams with 600 Officers and 1,900 Enlisted Sailors. (US Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class Scott Taylor) 

“Although all of us here have served during different times, we all have experienced the same sacrifices to earn our place in this community,” said SEAL Team ONE Command Master Chief Jason M. Tuschen. “These sacrifices have forged a common bond throughout all generations of Frogmen. We are witness to that bond here today, exemplified by the wide range of guests gathered here to celebrate the significance of this event and this brotherhood that was born 50 years ago.”

Here’s a great picture of Pete’s work of art at the quarterdeck ceremony for ST-1. Pictured are John Swider, Dennis McCormack, Art Abbett, Gary Fraser, and Rusty Campbell.



Pete Slempa

About the book: SEAL Doc, Pure Fiction!

from :Jim Madison ExecDirectorUDTSEAL Assn
to:     “Erasmo \”Doc\” Riojas” <docrio45  [at}  gmail   DOT  com>, “sonny”  , Don Shipley,  Steve Robinson , Thomas Blais , Billy BUrbank , James Cook , sonny, Don, Steve, Thomas, Billy, James, Doc
Date: 20JAN2012
Subj: Erasmo “Doc” Riojas email to a Navy SEAL Chapter. “SEAL Doc” book is Fiction

Reply :  Greetings All, 

Allow me to take this opportunity to help to stabilize this situation. I do concede that some errors have been made, and I hope to mitigate the perceived seriousness of those errors through the following explanation: 

First of all, let me say that I will take the brunt of the responsibility for the SEAL Doc book review being featured in the 2011 3rd Quarter Blast. I had just started as the Executive Director in mid-October of 2011. The 3rd Quarter Blast was painfully past due. It should have been to the membership by the end of September. I proofread the 3rd Quarter Blast to ensure that the content was not miss-spelled and grammatically correct prior to going to print. I did not analyze each and every article and piece in that issue. For that, I profoundly apologize and vehemently vow that it will never happen again. Following the publication and delivery of the 3rd Quarter Blast and upon learning more details regarding the book review of SEAL Doc from Doc Riojas, I set out to get to the bottom of the issue. I contacted Donald Davis, the book’s author to: 1) ascertain his true involvement in MTT 10-62, 2) If he was there, what his role in MTT 10-62 was, and, 3) Based on what I could glean from 1) and 2), find out how he got a membership in the UDT-SEAL Association. 

So far, I have received a photo-stat copy of orders from Doc Davis. After speaking with Bill Burbank who was actually a member of MTT 10-62, Bill stated that he had no recollection of Doc Donald Davis. We compared the copy of Doc Davis’ orders to the orders Bill had to MTT 10-62 and they did not match up. I contacted Doc Davis to try to elicit more amplifying information, (DD214, entries from his service record…etc.). I have not heard back from him since. 

With regard to Doc Donald Davis’ membership in the UDT-SEAL Association, I have discovered that it was first granted to him in 2010 and he was renewed again in February 2011. It has not been fully established whether he indeed received a Regular or an Associate Membership during 2010 and 2011. I am currently investigating how all of that transpired. In the meantime, I can assure all of you that his membership will not be renewed, unless he can produce authentic and amplifying official documentation of any affiliation with NSW. Incidentally, I have not heard from him with regard to renewing his membership and we’re currently in the middle of membership renewal season. 

How do I and the rest of the Association staff keep anything like this from ever happening again? 

I’m a SEAL Veteran and extremely proud to be part of the NSW Community, it’s history, heritage and legacy and will go to ALL lengths to ensure that it remains Special. I currently do that today, by screening and vetting each and every new member, whether they’re applying for Regular, Association, Legacy or Sponsored membership. 

We have a new Blast Editor beginning now in 2012. Together, we will absolutely make sure that every piece of material that goes into future issues of The Blast are meticulously screened and are suitable for our Membership. 

If any of you have any questions, concerns, issues and/or comments, please fire them my way. 

Any of you may, by all means, disseminate this message to others within our Community. 


Jim MD Madison Executive Director UDT-SEAL Association

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The year 1999 I met a man in Pearland TX by the nickname (not his real name) of “Elf”.  He was carrying a Regular Membership to the UDT SEAL Assn and was receiving “The BLAST.”  I told Ty Zellers about this new found SEAL brother.  

Ty wrote back that he was not on the database.  I informed the Elf that he was not a Navy SEAL and that the men at SEAL Team FOUR that were in the Panama fiasco said that Elf was a “wannabe.”

I immediately informed our President, CDR Tom Hawkins.  Tom without any hesitation wrote the Elf to destroy his membership card and to write a letter to the Assn of apology.   Tom also told him that he would not get a refund on his membership fees.  Elf was a Navy Veteran and served with the SeaBees but was not a Navy SEAL.  He apologized to me and we stayed friends for about one year after that and our friendship fizzeled out without any hard feelings.

Those were the good old days when none of us even dreamed of “political correctness.”  Back then it  was black or white and none of this modern politics to form democratic committees and vote on something that is “cold turkey” WRONG.

The Webmaster:    Erasmo Riojas



Story of a U.S.Navy “DIVING Dicksmith” and NOT a Navy SEAL Corpsman


Men, I am getting emails that HM1 Davis DID NOT call himself a U.S. Navy SEAL in his book.

Even the village idiot can interpret that the title of the book “SEAL Doc” means that this guy calls himself a U.S. Navy SEAL !

Even his email address is:   Sealdoc@aol.com

Is Davis insulting your intelligence?  Why do you say he never called himself a Navy SEAL?    

Read my lips:  He is a SEAL Wannabe and an insult to all of us SEAL Corpsmen.

D.R. Davis states:  “The story of the First U.S.Navy SEAL Team in Vietnam”  That is total B/S !   There was never a SEAL Team in Vietnam, only Platoons deployed to ‘nam.         The MTT is NOT a SEAL Team!

 —– Original Message —– 
From: John Westfall 
To: Westy 
Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2011 7:48 AM br>Subject: SEAL Doc 

To: Pacific NW Chapter
From: Don Davis Here’s a note from local author http://www.iuniverse.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?Book=200909 

I was a diving Corpsman “drafted” into the first increment of SEAL Team One (MTT 10-62) in 1962 and ended up in Da Nang…which is the primary focus of my book (written as a novel as per the advice of the SEAL CO at Coronado several years ago).  They had no one else available who had the necessary qualifications, or so I was told. It was one of the best tours of duty in my entire career. Corpsmen were not permitted to attend BUDS because of the Geneva Convention and its restrictions on weapons and explosives training for medical personnel. 

 I always thought it ironic since first class diving school has a long segment on explosives and their use in demolition; I was NOT excluded from that phase of the training because I was a corpsman. First class diving school, although not BUDS, is no cakewalk for a corpsman. The survival rate among corpsmen in that training was small. Several started out in my class in that school, we were intermingled with seagoing rates who were already second class divers, at the end of two weeks I was the only one who survived.  

When I graduated from diving school and the subsequent med. diving tech. portion I was told I was number 60 on active duty in the whole Navy…there were more than 200 billets for diving corpsmen in Pac Flt alone.  When I arrived in Da Nang and discovered what unit I was to be working with, my teammates filled in the blanks in my training with a lot of OJT, including jump training.  

While not a BUDS graduate, I consider myself a “close brother” to SEALs I think I earned that for the service and support I provided to our mission and to my teammates.  I look forward to meeting the members of the NW SEAl group and to your response. 

LCDR Don (Doc) Davis, (MSC), USN (Ret) Author of SEAL Doc 

PS: Anyone interested in getting a copy of the book can contact me at the email address or at (360) 427-5641 for the best price but it is available on Amazon, at Barnes and Nobel, and the publisher, iUniverse. Com. 

On Sun, Jan 16, ,
John Westfall <westfallj [at] pioneernet DOT net>
wrote: Pacific NW: v/r, John 

From: Seal002 {at} aol DOT com 
Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2011 11:48 AM To: westfallj [at] pioneernet DOT net
Subject: Re: SEAL Doc 

I would like a copy all of our doc`s had the same problem.  



From: Franklin Anderson [mailto:fwaranch [at] wildblue DOT net] 
Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2011 12:56 PM
Subject: RE: SEAL Doc 

To All – When I was XO of UDT-11, I selected the men from UDT- 11 to go to SEAL TEAM ONE . LTJG Phil Holts, LTJG Alan Routh— and the men, which for minor exceptions were all outstanding.  I have often wondered what happen th HM1 Donald Raymond. 

He was an outstanding Corpsman and I heard via the Grapevine, back in late Jan 62, he departed Camp Pendleton in the middle of the night (secretly) and went to Vietnam.  When his tour of Duty was over, he got out of the Navy and went into Ranching in either Montana or Wyoming. 

Doc Williams used to keep in touch with him. I had his phone number, but could never get in touch. I bring this up for two reasons #1) I believe he was the first SEAL to go to Vietnam and 2) I would like to know if anybody can shed some light on where he is.  As I said he was a superior individual in all respect. Thanks Franklin  


—–Original Message—–
From: Pete Slempa [mailto:sonny [at] sipnsearch DOT com]
Sent: Saturday, January 15
Subject: Re: SEAL Doc 

Hello Don,  That was a great introduction. I know during the early days, other Corpsman were attached to the teams and did not attend BUDS Training. Like you, they had many months of OJT and had to be physically fit to keep up with the operators during field/combat operations. Their tenacity and professionalism gained the respect of all the team members and I am sure your are in that category. 


Pete Slempa                                   

From: Jerry Hammerle
to: Doc Riojas 

Doc, thought you would like to see this. Best to you and LouLou “J”erry 

WEBMASTER’s NOTE:  Thank you “J”erry for forwarding me these emails from the Pacific NW chapter Frogs. I have not read the book SEAL DOC, or had any knowledge it existed. I cannot say that Mr. Don Davis is a SEAL wannabe because reading the email from John Westfall, Don admits that he was assigned to a ST-1 MTT platoon in ‘nam and not a member of SEAL Team ONE. His name does not appear in the SEAL Corpsmen database, period. He definetly is not a Team Corpsman. What he wrote about HMs that graduate from the USNaval School of Deep Sea Divers at the USNaval Gun Factory , Wash. DC is 100% true. I graduated in a very small group that started 50 men in class 4/55 which started in Feb 1955. We had one week of demolitions at the EOD School, Dam Neck Va.  I will not buy his book, but if somebody that has read it please tell me how a qualified Diving HM ends up in ‘nam and not in a Diving Billet. I would like to know how much Deep Sea Diving experience he has after his graduation from diving school. V/R: Erasmo “Doc Rio” Riojas

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Forwarded message ———-
From: Lt. Cmdr. D.R. Davis MSC USN (Ret.<Sealdoc [at] aol DOT com>
Date: Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 1:50 PM
Subject: Re: Were you a Navy SEAL?
To: docrio45 [at] gmail DOT com  

Hey, Doc Rio. Nice to hear from a fellow Corpsman! I was sent to DaNang as a diving HM to be a part of MTT 10-62. I had no idea where I was going or what the unit designation stood for. Did you go through BUDS? I was independent duty qualified, a first class diver and medical diving tech. I was not jump qualed or other special training that early SEALs received but…I got the job and did it anyway. Do you think they would want me in their archives if I didn’t go through BUDs? I look forward to hearing from you.  

DR Davis  

In a message
dated 2/17/2011 11:41:07 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
To: <Sealdoc [at] aol DOT com> From: docrio45 [at] gmail DOT com writes:
Subj: “Your name is NOT on the Corpsman SEAL data list.
 ” Rio, Perhaps you should talk to the SEAL Archives and correct that error.  

Thank You DR DavisWEBMASTER’s NOTE:    Dr. Davis, What you ask me to do will not automatically make you an HM-8492 (Special Operation Tech.) I believe only the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery can do that.  Being TAD to a SEAL MTT unit makes you no more of a SEAL than the few Corpsmen that were attached to the UDT/Replacement units at Little Creek and Coronado back in the old days before BUD/S came into being.I have not read your book I don’t buy those SEAL books until they are for ONE PENNY on Amazon.com or the authors send me a free copy.
Erasmo Riojas aka:  Doc Rio HMC (SEAL) retired


I received the book from Rich Young, an associate member of the UDT-SEAL Assn.  I read it and made notes on some of the pages.  I then snail mailed it to the President of the UDT SEAL Assn so they can read it and make their comments on the next BLAST magazine. 

  In NO WAY is this book a historical addition to the History of U.S. Navy SEALs.   As PT Schwartz wrote, this man wants to sell books and make $$$$$.   I doubt it would have sold very many if he would have named his book DIVING Doc.  At least it would have been an appropriate title.         Erasmo Riojas,  SEAL Doc



From: “pt-doc” <pt-doc [at] tampabay. DOT rr DOT com>
Date: Mon, Feb 21, 2011 7:37 pm
Subject: Re: I got your email address from Mr. ALan Routh
To: <docrio [at] sealtwo DOT org>
RIO, Good to hear from you. As I told Al I think he is just out for the money as his book is classified as fiction and not for real. He may have got some of the information from one of the MTT guys back in the states, a few drinks will loosen up anyone. 

In the book he never classifies himself as a SEAL but that he operated with SEALS. His memory has to be the worlds best to be able to remember word for word some of the things in the book. 

The wife and I are doing real well, both healthy. So is our 1 year old spoiled rotten dashound I play golf 3 times a week. Not bad for a 76 year old f**t 

Sorry to hear about dickie Cyrus. wish I could help out. 

Keep in touch. PT Schwartz, Navy SEAL 

QUESTIONS about the book “SEAL Doc” by HM1 Davis; FACT? vs


SEAL Doc: The Story of the First US Navy SEAL Team in Vietnam
Doc, Carl,

Appears referenced book is embellished somewhat, and author is making operational claims that did not occur. I agree with Carl’s assessment. I was TAD with ST-2 in 1962, and followed that up with Cuban Missile Crisis, prior to returning to Coronado,so I would not have been in the loop on MTT 10-62 detachment which deployed APR 62. I did not go to VN till 1964. As far as I know, Davis was not a SEAL, but don’t know that he claims that he was. Doc Raymond ,who was in DaNang in 1962, was dispatched to MTT 10-62, on occasion, to provide medical assistance. MTT 10-62 detachment consisted of 2 officers and 9 enlisted members, (with 2 enlisted coming from ST-2.) Detachment trained Junk Force sea commandos. Picture I have of the detachment does not include a hospital corpsman. HOOYAH!! Dennis

from: bburbankca
to: docrio45@gmail.com
date: Thu, Dec 15, 2011 
subject Re: The book “SEAL doc” by D.R. Davis

Doc;  Lennie and I was the first MTT team in Danang in 62  ithink it was 10 you sent me a picture with Lennie and I holding Carbines.  I dont remember this guy either.  


On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 11:34 PM, CARL SWEPSTON
Not sure of names for the MTT in 62.
Dennis McCormack and Pete Slempa may have been there.

Doc,   Good move. There was a book published a number of years ago “SWIMMERS AMONG THE TREES” by  “SEAL Corpsman” Joel Hutchins. As soon as I read the book I called the publisher and told him it was bogus. All the photos were generic USN public affairs types and the stories were suspect or taken from other “real deal” books. Turns out the guy was a phony and they stopped publishing the book.


On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 

My Responses follow in red, within your email.

The book SEAL Doc. A novel based on fact. D.R. Davis , HM1 deep sea diving Tech. 
There is an article in the last issue of the BLAST. It mentions the CO of an SEAL MTT to Vietnam to train the Viet Hi and the LDNNs. 
The BLAST wants us to believe that it is a TRUE history of the MTT. 

(Note: Although Davis has some fairly accurate info, this is not true history of MTT 10-62 and the names are fictitious. I was OinC of MTT 4-63, which relieved MTT 10-62. We had considerable discussion with members of that MTT (as well as others) when the book first came out – some things are reasonably accurate (or close), some are not. Nobody knows or directly recalls Davis. In a separate email., I will forward two FEB/MAR emails (one to you) on the subject. They are “in-house” pieces of correspondence for your edification alone, and I ask that you not forward them further, although you can paraphrase the contents if you wish.) 

SEAL Team TWO sent an MTT and both the Corpsmen with it have never heard of this man Davis. He is not on the Corpsman Database for Vietnam era. 

(The initial Vietnam MTT was MTT 10-62 and consisted of 2 officers and 8 enlisted from ST-1 and 2 enlisted from ST-2; the follow-on was MTT 4-63 (for which Davis claims to have “stayed on a little while after the rest of the team had departed to orient the incoming corpsmen”) consisted of 1 Officer (me) and 2 enlisted from ST-1 and 1 Officer (George Doran) and 8 Enlisted (including HM’s Schwartz and McCarty, neither of whom has every heard of, or made contact with, Davis in VN) from ST-2) 

Earlier this year i got an email from Davis asking if I would put his name on the SEAL HM database. I dumped it without answering because i would have said a lot of unkind words. 
If that MTT was SEAL Team ONE’s men, then perhaps some of you old ‘nam vets may remember Davis, or the SEALs that he mentions. 
THe CO he wrote was a LT Evans, I do not know if his name is on the SEAL database. He mentions several other men, but i don’t know if they are fictitious names. 
SOme names in his book: Chief Volkert Les Barter CHuck Ramsey ET3 John Smith RM3 George Soule ENS. Dale Shurburn 
(Yes, they are all fictitious names) 

Davis claims he was TAD in Hawaii to UDT-11. Maybe some of you guys that were in UDT 11 remember this wannabe SEAL Doc. 

He states that some of those men in the detachement were Operators into Cuba, Bay of Pigs. I don’t know if SEAL Team ONE was involved in that, but I know ST-2 was standing by to go. 

(Yes, all of ST-1 not then deployed elsewhere were involved in Bay of Pigs) 

– — – – — – — – – — — – – — – — – – – — – – — – – – – — – – – — – – – — – – – — – – — – – – — – — – – — – — 


I can not recall any of the names you ask about  but I can tell you that ST 2 was augmented by a ST 1 group during the Cuban Missle crises.  There was an ST 1 Platoon with a ST 2 group in Europe on an exercise when the CMS went down they all returned to LC and where joined by a larger ST  group. 

    “Pete” Peterson
– – – — – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

If any of you on this Email know of anyone in the Teams that knows this Corpsman DAVIS, i would like to know and would like to ask a few questions.  email me at  docrio45 [at] gmail  DOT  com

This is a true history about me, Doc RIojas. While I was stationed on the USS FUlton AS-11 at New London Conn., I was TAD’d to the nuclear submarine ,George Washington, Blue crew, (Hoot Andrews, RIP,  was part of that crew and we partied together at the CPO club and on Sundays in Rhode Island where the bars are open late every night.) 

I was TAD to travel to Holly Lock with the George Washington for permanent change of station to the Sub Tender in Holly Lock Scotland the USS Proteus AS-19. 

Being TAD to A nuke boat; QUESTION: does that make me a SUBMARINE Doc? Does that give me bragging rights to being a Nuke Sub Doc? 

Jim Cook answered via email:  “No Doc you No Submarine Doc.”

Same with this guy DAVIS, he is no more a SEAL than the man in the moon. In my books, he is a total SEAL wannabe. QUESTION: If it is true that he was TAD to UDT-11, does that make him a Frogman? If he in fact was TAD to an MTT to ‘nam, does that make him a SEAL HM Special Operations Tech HM-8492?   All of us that were in Team TWO have emailed with a very bold NO!   I don’t think he should call himself SEAL Doc because he was TAD to an MTT in the ‘nam.

Somebody should write the BLAST and see what they have to say about SEAL Doc a fiction story based on  fact. 
I say;  paint that book FICTION and a little tad of FACT which could have been copied from the hundreds of SEAL books out there in the market. 

Erasmo “Doc Rio” Riojas

From: Runt324  [at]  aol  DOT  com
To: Doc Riojas
 Date: 12 Dec 2011

I was with Lt Phil Holtz with MTT 10-62 and spent 7 months there before I returned to the Creek with my brand new Vietnamese wife and I do not recall the name. 

We all lived in the same house and I believe that I would have seen him around the place. Doc Raymond were there before we arrived and was on a different job with Chief Sullivan, (I believe that was his name) both of these were SEAL One. We saw each other frequently. 


from: BBURBANKCA  [at] aol  DOT com
to:   docrio45   [at] gmail  DOT  com
date: Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 2:13 PM
subject:Book “SEAL Doc” in the conversation.

Chuck lent me his book Seal Doc to read and make remarks. Well This guy was never in DaNang while I was there. He is really a bull shitter.

 But there was two other guys in country about the same time HArry Beal & Willie Lump Lump.. They did find two Viet who did some SCuba diving for the plumers, and they did blow up a PT boat, I am trying to get HArrys phone # I think Lump Lump is dead.

But we never used demo, and sure never had them underwater. They would not go in the dragon or or something would get them. Just surface and no weapons of their own. I don”t know how he came up with such shit. 

But again we did have a German Shepard puppie even made a jump with him.. It was Bobby Pauls . he mentioned that? He must have talked to somebody and took notes not from me or Leenie so it had to be one of those movie guys from SEAL Team ONE. 

They should make him turn all profits over to the Seal Foundation for the wounded.. .

 The group here knows they screwed up in THE BLASAT.    but that wont happen again.

Things will work out. 

Billy B

From: Doc  F. Mccarty
to: Doc Rio ,
Subj: BBURBANKCA email about SEAL Doc book


Harry Beale & Lump-Lump went to DaNang with the second Mtt with Schwartz and me.
They separated from us but were located near our training camp across the river for Downtown Danang. Apparently to do some plumbing.

I Don’t know if they did anything related to that put out in the “SEAL Doc” book.  They would visit our living quarters frequently, but did not live with us or operate with us that I’m aware of.
I agree with Burbank’s recollection except for when Lump & Beale hit country.

Take care and have a good New Year.
Doc McCarty

From: Dante
to:    F Mccarty  Dante throc [at] bellsouth  DOT net;  docrio45 [at] gmail  DOT  com
Subj:     Harry Beale & Lump-Lump went to DaNang with the second Mtt with Schwartz… 

I suggest we hold this guy’s head under water a few minutes. Please suggest to the BLAST that they do a MAJOR disclaimer next month, 

Then someone needs to write his publisher to set the record straight. 


Date: Jan 4, 2012 , 
From: Dante Stephensen
To: Doc Riojas 
Subj: book SEAL Doc

You are correct, Doc. The man is trying to make money off of us. PLEASE approach him and tell him we won’t kill him if he gives half his profits to our wounded warrior program. 

What is his name. I want to watch for him…give me his address or email if you have it. Dante PS. Send your original email to Larry Bailey. He loves to catch phony’s.

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I’ve been in touch with Jim Madison (BUD/S Class 110), the new Executive Director of the UDT-SEAL Association, and it looks like he’s gotten to the bottom of the “SEAL DOC” D.R. DAVIS situation. I believe he’ll be sending you an email in the very near future. Your concerns are sound, and your evaluation is accurate… THE MAN WAS NEVER A SEAL DOC! Thanks for staying on target and keeping this issue “alive” until it was resolved. 

Jim told me TODAY that D.R. Davis had managed to get into the UDT-SEAL Association in 2010 as a REGULAR MEMBER at a time when the Executive Director’s chair was being filled by a NON-FROG civilian. There are check points in place where the man’s application should have been checked against the UDT-SEAL Database for eligibility… but those don’t seem to have been exercised in DAVIS’ case. There is absolutely no evidence that DAVIS earned a Trident, or carried a SEAL Corpsman NEC… no evidence that would qualify him for REGULAR membership. 

Jim contacted D.R. DAVIS and asked for documentary PROOF of his involvement with the Teams in order to substantiate his membership status, and DAVIS sent Jim a copy of his “orders”. Jim then showed them to a veteran east coast SEAL who had served in the very same MTT unit which is being described in D.R. DAVIS’ book… where DAVIS claimed that he served, and which is used as the “historical fact” basis for the fictional book that was reviewed in THE BLAST. 

That veteran SEAL then provided Jim with his own orders. The valid SEAL’s orders and those provided by DAVIS were compared side by side, and DAVIS’ were judged to be either totally bogus or significantly altered. 

Jim assured me when we spoke by phone today that D.R. DAVIS will NOT be permitted to renew his UDT-SEAL Association membership! 

Jim has also told me that when he assumed the position of Executive Director in late fall 2011, the FALL 2011 issue of THE BLAST (Vol. 43, No. 3) had already been finalized and gone to the printer, and he truly had no idea about the book review… other than it was a review of a “fiction book based on historical fact” about SEALs in Vietnam. 
Again, Jim told me of his intention to send you an email on this matter. Watch your INBOX, brother! 

Tu hermano,    Steve

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