Around the World Twice

Around the World Twice

Frogman author: unknown

I’am a lover, a fighter

An American naval UDT SEAL diver.

That’s a rootin tootin shootin paratroopin

SCUBA diving demolition double cap crippin’

Frogman – last of the bare-knuckle fighters

No muff too tough, I diver for five

Tuck suck fuck nibble ‘n chew

Dine and interwine, masturbate

Ejaculate and copulate

Drive Navy trucks 2by’s, 4by’s , 6by’s

and those big mother fuckers that go Shhh Shhh

and bend in the middle.

Been around the world twice

Been there and done that twice

Talked to everyone once, seen two

Whitle whales fuckin

Been to two pig pickin picnics,

And I met a man with a marble head and a wooden cock . . .

and ladies, if ya don’t like my face . . . you can sit on it ! ! !