Christopher Bent Class 31-E photo album

I. BUD/S Class 31E
Roosevelt Roads
Jump School

II. Spain – Steelpike 64

III. Little Creek

IV. Vieques 1965

V. Gemini 6 & 7

VI. Apollo AS-201: First test of Apollo Space…..

the below ; extra copies; to be deleted later UDTR 31 Little Creek .Roosevelt Roads UWSS Jump School Chris; this grey table is only our work space. It will become “THE PAGE” after we are done editing all your graphics. Thank you; Erasmo AKA: “Doc”


Please look at the totality of it is all about doing the Lord’s work, covertly.. PC is not Politically Correct, but Parabolic Camouflage.. I am writing parables…trying to get the unchurched to think…