Clark sets another world fitness

Clark sets another world fitness

Monday, 21 April 2008 by Susan Reid

Elk River native Jim Clark set his 22nd world record in fitness and strength competitions on Saturday.

The 43-year-old New Hope resident shattered the world record on the lat pull down machine by lifting 91,000 pounds in 58 minutes and 35 seconds at Anytime Fitness in Crystal.

Clark pushed past the existing record of 53,480 pounds in 60 minutes in just 29 minutes and 29 seconds. In the remaining thirty minutes, Clark almost doubled the weight record, trying to assure the new mark, will last a long time.

Clark, a former Elk River wrestler and current assistant coach at Rogers, is a former Navy Seal. He has a BA in theology from St. Thomas University, a MS from St. John’s University, and a Ph.D. in Platonic Metaphysics from St. Alcuins College.

Among Clark’s previous world records are 44,0001 sit-ups in a 24 hour period; 33,001 pushups in a 24 hour period; and last November’s feat of 120 situps with 75 pounds of weights on his chest.

His mindset in pursuing such records is: “Once your body is depleted of the strength it needs to perform the activity, I turn inward and use my mind. It’s concentration and meditation that is the real work in this record-breaking work.”

Clark has appeared on the David Letterman show and raised fnds for many charities in his world record attempts. His stated motive is is to inspire and encourage others to reach for seemingly impossible goals by using both their bodies and their minds. He accepts no compensation but will perform to benefit a cause or charity.

Clark lives in New Hope with his wife and two children and teaches high school Spanish, Rhetoric, and Philosophy in Eden Prairie.