James H. "Hoot" Andrews R.I.P.

James Howard “Hoot” Andrews
Class 7
 Internment Services Information:
James “Hoot” Andrews internment service will held at
 Arlington National Cemetery on Jul16,2009 at 0900. Services will be held at the Old Post Chapel, Arlington, Va. 
Hoot quietly passed away on October 10, 2008, he was born 15 Jan 1927 in Charlotte, MI to Eunice Amelia (Webster) Andrews and Harry Louis Andrews.  He joined the Navy on 10 May 1944 at age 17.  Hoot loved music and when he entered the Navy he sought to become part of the Navy band, after completing Navy Boot Camp, he shipped out on the USS Hinsdale in the Pacific, where his ship was kamikazed and limped into Okinawa for repairs at the lightening speed of three knots.  After Hoot’s first enlistment, he left the Navy, returned home to Bloomington, IL and enrolled in Wesleyan College.  During his academic year he was part of the U.S. Marine Reserves.  After completion of his freshman year at Wesleyan, Hoot decided civilian life was not for him, he re-enlisted in the Navy where he stayed until his retirement in 1974. 
During Hoots Navy career he attended UDT/RT (Underwater Demolition Team/Replacement Training) and graduated with Class 7 in Little Creek, VA where he was then assigned to UDT-2 on August 4, 1951.  He also attended Explosive Ordinance Training and became EOD qualified in 1953 later became a Plank Owner with the newly formed SEAL Team Two as their Chief Storekeeper on January 7, 1962.    On 16 July 1949 Hoot married Shirley Shannon of Connecticut.  Kathleen (Andrews) Hoskins was born to this union on 26 June 1951, he subsequently gave birth to Hoot’s three grandsons: Patrick, Ben, and Evan.  He is survived by his wife Marla, and children Steven, Susan, and Thomas and grandchildren Tara, Amanda, and Adam, the light of his life. 
Hoot was a 32 degree Mason having attained this status on 29 Oct 1988, a Charter Member and Lifetime Member of the UDT-SEAL Association, and a life member of the Navy UDT-SEA LMuseum in Ft. PierceFlorida.    
Hoot and Marla were married on August 31, 2001.  Marla recalls Hoot sharing with her that after he left the Navy he went to work an organization at the Pentagon where he was sent to Saigon where he operated a F.A.S.T. team that gathered information. He also worked for a federal agency on oceanographic studies that had him traveling around the world for a while looking at location for military assets.  Some of the details were not clear, but sounded ‘spooky’ to me.  Marla hopes this information helps in sharing Hoots amazing journey through life to those of you who loved him as she did. 
Hoot will be honored and remembered at the Sunday morning memorial service November 16, 2008 at Muster.
A collection of photos and rememberances of Hoot Andrews, put together by his good friend and teammate, E. Riojas can be found at the website below.  As Bill “Bru” Bruhmuller said it: “Hoot, was a class act.”


       Funeral For Hoot Andrews 

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Subject: Funeral For Hoot Andrews 

The time has come to fulfill Hoot’s last and most fervent wish, that to be buried at Arlington National Cemetary among the honored dead. 

A service will be held 16Jul2009 at 0900 at Old Post Chapel, Arlington National Cemetary with ground interment immediately following. Arlington asks all who attend to be present at least 1/2 hour prior to the service and to provide their own transportation to the chapel and gravesite. 

This date and time was chosen to accommodate those who may wish to attend the SEAL Team 2 Reunion at Little Creek, VA and who may also wish to attend Hoot’s service. 

Please pass this information to anyone I may have left out of this sending. 

Mrs. James H. “Hoot” Andrews

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Subject: Hoot is in Hospice

Doc, Hoot is in a Hospice and is no longer able to operate his computer. I’m sorry I never learned how to operate the program that checks for people and if they were ever a SEAL or UDT.  


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Hi Doc, Sorry to report that Hoot Andrews passed away Friday. I’ve talked to Marla and she will take his ashes to Arlington for burial. 

I talked to Hoot last week and he said he was fine, however, the condition of his heart by all Doc reports were that he only had a few days to live. 

Hoot was a ” Class Act ” and will always be remembered as a True Teammate. Take care Bruh

click on this URL to go to Hoot’s website

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Doc Rio,

Hoot is dead and his cremation has not taken place as you were informed.

I am not going to explain all the stuff that was in the attachement i forwarded you. The item that you couldn’t open stated that a cremation can not be performed to any deceased before forty eight hours after his/her death. Florida Law!

My eulogy to Hoot is in that part of my book called acknowledgements. Please read it.

I said that,

Roy Boehm

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Bill, Sorry tp report this. Hoot passed away on Friday. I talked to his wife ( Marla ) and she will take his ashes to Arlington for burial. Bru 

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Doc, Hoot is in a Hospice and is no longer able to operate his computer. I’m sorry I never learned how to operate the program that checks for people and if they were ever a SEAL or UDT.



Hoot was one of the Plank Owners of ST2 that I remember as a friend , and a real SEAL, no Bull Shit about him he was a guy that you could count on in any situation. The Naval Special Warfare community has suffered a real loss with his death. It makes me sad to think that he has passed over the bar, 

Don “Doc Rock” Stone

—– Original Message —– From: Rich Young To: ‘Doc Riojas’ Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 5:23 PM Subject: RE: hoot Andrews has died; may he R.I.P. 

Doc ,

I am so sorry to hear this. 
He was one of the best phony busters years ago. 
And he is featured as being stolen from Adm Rickover  By Roy Boehm!

Rich Young


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Subject: Hoot Andrews (UDT Class 7)
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Cc: docrio45 [at] gmail.com

To Marla and the family of Hoot Andrews

My sincerest condolences on your loss.

Hoot and my dad, Dow Byers were classmates for UDT/B Class 7 at Little Creek back in 1951 (I was born  9 months later).  

My Dad eventually went to UDT 4 after UDT Training

I wantto let you know that our thoughts are with you.

Dave Byers


“Hoot” Andrews (on left) with Roy Boehm, LtJg, USN C.O. SEALTeam Two (June 1962).


“Hoot” Andrews, UDT-2

1952- St. Thomas, Brewers Bay
Assigned as an Instructor to check-in trainees on 1,000 yd. surface swim.


Vietnam, Defense Attache Office

(FAST) Field Assistance Support Team
Second from right:
“Hoot” Andrews, GS-13, Chief, FAST Team.
Me and my cohorts: L to R- Bob Nast, Harry Antonio, Ray Gregory, “Hoot”, Charlie Gorman.”


J.H. Andrews, (Blue Crew) Plank Owner

USS George Washington, (SSBN) 598 Sea Trials-1959


Demolitions training

1955 Beach 7, NAB, Little Creek, VA
Left: “Hoot” Andrews, Right: Marlow Proctor
Picture taken by Eddie O’Toole, UDT-2.


May 1973 Vietnam

Left: “Hoot” Andrews, GS-13, Chief, FAST Team
(Field Assistance Support Team)
Right: Trung-Ta’, Pham Van Thieu (VNN Counterpart).