Navy SEALs Help Jack Bauer in ’24’

August 20, 2008 CAMARILLO, Calif. – U.S. Navy SEALs battled terrorists during filming of an episode of the hit Fox Network television show “24” Aug. 12-13 at an airport in Camarillo.
A group of Navy SEALs from San Diego volunteered to act as extras in the show, adding realism to a story for “24.” They were accompanied by two SH-60 Seahawk helicopters and their flight crews assigned to the “Blackjacks” of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 21. The Sailors were asked to participate in fast-roping and target-assault scenes.

Producers of “24” asked the Navy to help because of their previous support of the show. Two years ago, the Navy allowed directors to film aboard a nuclear submarine homeported at Point Loma Naval Base, Calif., for two days. This season they needed a different kind of help.

“We originally called upon the Navy because we needed helicopters,” said producer Michael Klick. “The story line called for a joint FBI-Navy collaboration. We called the Navy Information Office and they got back to us with ‘how about we have Navy SEALs fast-rope and participate in the scene?’ and we thought that it sounded great.”

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Hey Riojas, Hope all is well with you and Lulu down there in Texas . Actually, my son Brett Lynch was one of the guys providing some technical guidance on this show and was on set with the SEALs when they were up in Hollywood working on 24. He’s been out there working shows like NCIS, 24, and a few others and had a speaking part in Jericho . Both Jeanette and I are real proud of him doing this on his own without relying on anyone else, just hard work and focus while he is working on his degree at the Columbia University of Hollywood. All the Best, Jack Lynch, Pres.UDT-SEAL Assn

webmaster’s note: Jack, Thank you for your information. I am sure the “Boys” are proud of your son, Brett Lynch, I am very proud of him and wish him much success in his career and his life. Rio

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Celebrating its 150th episode this season, “24“is one of the most innovative, addictive and acclaimed dramas on television. In its first six seasons, the suspenseful series was nominated for a total of 57 Emmy awards, winning for Outstanding Drama Series (2006) and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for star Kiefer Sutherland (2006). Season Six garnered a sixth consecutive Emmy nomination…