Mr. Greenwell , Mr.Ralf Schmitz, and My Spanish Friend who was the 1st to send me his SEAL collection pictures. I received emails from a Russian but no Pictures.

Ralf Schmitz, Germany

SEAL memorabilia collector in Germany

Doc Riojas ,

I am very happy and a bit proud to know you and that you had sent me the signed pictures from you and
Harry. This means a lot to me. I am always happy to receive your emails and links reg. SEAL TWO and weapon vids on Youtube. That is always interesting or fun! I respect your engagement for SEAL org!

I am planning to visit Texas in spring. I will let you know asap. I wish you all best for 2014 and hope to join a beer with you in beautiful Texas soon! 

Your Friend, Ralf 

Webmaster Note:

Danke für die Fotos. Wir sind USNavy SEALs geehrt, anerkannt werden von Ihnen. 

Herzlichen danke.             Doktor Riojas 

The Space of Cong Culture in the Central Highlands of Vietnam was recognized by UNESCDO as a Masterpiece of the intangible Heritage of Hunmanity in 2005

from:  Ralf Schmitz 
to:    Doc Riojas 

 Dear Doc Rio 

My holiday in Asia was booked in short term. I stayed 7 days at Phuket which was very bad. Everywhere smells like shit… 20 years ago and also 5 years ago it was much better in Thailand. 

The 2 nights in Saigon were great. My hobby is NAM war, so it was very interesting to see the booby traps and tunnels and next day the war museum. 

A Japanese tourist looked a bit stupid at me, in fact of wearing tiger stripe, coral shoes and the SEAL museum T-shirt… Did I understand you right, that your buddy was injured next to the tunnel complex in war? Or did it happened in a sightseeing tour after the war? 

I checked the photos at your amazing SEAL 2 website – always interesting to see your news there! 

2010 I visited the NAVY SEAL museum in Fort Pierce. There and also in Ho Chi Minth City a SEAL grenade launcher (Pumpgun) is shown. I was surprised how cheap Vietnam is and how friendly. My plan is definitely to visit Texas asap and then the next trip will be to Laos and Cambodia. 

I am happy that you received my post card. Last day in Saigon I bought the card and stamps, but I could not find a post box. Finally I gave the card to a sales lady in a candy shop at airport SGN and took the flight to Bangkok. 

All best from Germany, Ralf

Ralph Schmitz in Mallorca

 MUSEO de VIETNAM   saludos a   “Erasmo “Doc” Riojas” 

De un amigo coleccionista, lo he conseguido comprando en USA, recuerda que hace 30 años que colleciono y creo que tengo una de las mejores colecciones de uniforrmes.boinas y sombreros de tiges stripe,etc. he puesto mucho dinero pero no me arrepiento lo he hecho muy feliz.
translation:From a friend collector, I shop in USA for a least 30 years. I think I have one of the best collections of hats and tiger stripped uniforms,
berets, stripes, and so on. I put a lot of money into this but I do not regret it I am very happy.