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R.D. and Pam Russell’s Garden Party

R D RUssel, Tossi, Larry Bailey

From:”R.D. Russell” <rdruss  [at] frii DOT com>
To: “Riojas, Erasmo”  <el.ticitl@worldnet.att.net>
Subj: “Good to Go” book 

Howdy Doc,
I just finished Harry Constance’s book and enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m not sure I would like Harry, but I did like his book. It was fun reading all those stories about you and seeing the pictures. 

My curiosity is piqued about Charlie Watson, about Joe Camp and Bobby Osborne and what happened to them, about Gallagher and what he’s doing today, and a whole lot more. 

When are you going to write your story? I really hope you do, not just because of what you’ve done but because of your frank and honest assessment of things.

Please tell Loulou I said hello. Is the water garden coming along? Do you want any pics for your website (It sure is looking good). By the way, I really like that closeup shot of Bob you took.  Your friend,  Pam

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Date: Wed, 28 May 97 18:36:47 +0000
From:  (R.D. Russell)
To: el.ticitl@worldnet.att.net 

RD is fine, just as busy as I’ve ever seen him.
Kent Dillingham warned us this Internet/Archives thing would mushroom, but we didn’t realize how much.

Enclosed is a picture of Moreland and the article that appeared in the Blast. I’ll copy Kimura’s artwork and send it to Cameron. (I’m sending this article and pic of Moreland to Cameron also.)


 P.S. Can’t wait ’til you guys get here. Tell Lou I said hello. 

Is RD okay, he not as active on the net as before my surgery. We start counting down June 8th 1997 on our vacation. Thanks again.

Subject: howdy
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 17:32:43 
From: “R.D. Russell” 
To: “Riojas, Erasmo” <el.ticitl@worldnet.att.net> 

Hi Doc, I am getting ready to go to Southern Illinois to visit my elderly Aunts, drink a little iced tea, sit in a porch swing, get back to my roots….I do this every couple of years. Don’t know why, just always have. But I didn’t want to go without saying hello to you and LouLou. 

About the upcoming lawsuit, I know you didn’t ask my opinion, but I’ve never been shy about jumping right in to somebody else’s business, so forgive me. I don’t know either Harry Constance or Charlie Watson, but I read the book thoroughly ( I read all the books, hoping to glean a little more good info for the Archives. ) and I was very surprised at the way Constance bad-mouthed Charlie Watson. Do you remember I wrote you to ask whatever became of Charlie Watson, and you wrote back and said “look on my website, at the pictures….” I couldn’t believe Constance would say those things about a man who was still alive and who would be so insulted and hurt by the things he wrote in his book. There must be more to that story that I do not know, bad blood somewhere. Most Team guys cut their buddies a lot of slack. So, like I said, I don’t know either of these men, and maybe if I did it would be obvious to me whether someone has been slandered. I sure hope Harry didn’t say all those things just to put some controversy in his book so it would sell. 

I don’t blame you for not wanting to be caught in the middle. What a bummer. I thought it was great that you were mentioned so much in the book and had some pictures in it too. I hope this problem doesn’t affect your fun at the Muster in Fort Pierce. Personally, I think Harry is in deep doo-doo. But that’s what lawyers are for. 

On another subject, you wouldn’t believe the week R.D. has had. It started with pain and swelling on his cheekbone, under his eye. At first we didn’t know it was a tooth that was abcessing. But after a couple of days he figured out that it originated in a tooth. By the time we called the dentist, he was out of state, and his backup dentist took a long three day weekend. So we found anther dentist on Friday and thought we were on the way to healing. But that guy didn’t do any drilling just prescribed pain pills and antibiotic. By Friday night Bob thought he was dying. His face swelled so badly it looked like “water on the brain” and the pain was so bad he said “it takes away the will to live”. Fortunately, by Saturday morning the infection ate its way through the side of his gums and released the pressure. But would you believe one of his feet swelled way up and hurt so bad he could hardly walk?? It happened as soon as the tooth quit hurting. I can’t help but think the two are related somehow. 

So anyway, we went to our regular dentist on Monday and he said he wants an endodontist to look at it. The earliest R.D. can get in is this Friday. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, he’s limping around on a bad foot, his mouth has infection in it, and his wife is flying out on Saturday to see the relatives. Needless to say, this has not been his week. 

So, Doc, don’ get too bummed by the lawsuit. Maybe these guys need a little excitement in their lives. Keep your sense of humor and know we are thinking good thoughts about you up here on the “high dry plains” of northern Colorado. 

Pam Russell

From Sat Apr 26 10:27:58 1997 From: JHA4SEAL2@aol.com To: el.ticitl@worldnet.att.net  Fri, 25 Apr 1997 14:01:06  Subject: Swede’s data Date: Fri, 25 Apr 97 18:01:06

YO ! Vaquero: Here’s Swedes home data: 

6303 Three Bars Ct. Las Vegas, NV 89115 

Home: 1(702)644 4063 FAX: 1(702)644 5036

April 16, 1997        


Call the county courthouse and ask them about info on Will Probate, the legalities in texas.

Is it legal to draw our own will, without the help of a Lawyer?


Westin Hotel on Canal in New Orleans

Charlie watson will be there from april 23,         Wed, thru         27 april Saturday.

I would like to go visit .         go the am and return the PM.

Fwd: I’m back]


              Wed, 20 Aug 97 23:50:32 +0000





To: “frogfarm @ erols.com” <frogfarm@erols.com> Subject: More fun!  Subject: April 25, 1997, Friday To visit with Charlie Watson

I will be at the Westin Canal Place Hotel, New Orleans, LA visiting with Charlie Watson, Esq. 
1 504 566 7006 in case someone wants to pop in and “frag ” us. El Ticitl After one of those $$$$$ meals, on charlie, i am returning to beautiful Pearland TX. El Ticit

I will be at the Westin Canal Place Hotel, New Orleans, LA visiting

with Charlie Watson, Esq.


in case someone wants to pop in and “frag ” us.     El Ticitl





              Good to Go


              Wed, 24 Sep 97 01:23:40 +0000





Funny, I haven’t heard a word about the letter I sent. Capt. Hamilton


pissed. I have gotten no e-mail from anyone – guess I am persona non

grata (spanish for black-balled).         I have an attorney and he will be


everyone of the 7th Platoon.         Maybe you’ll get an all-expense paid trip to


Beach when this thing goes to trial.         That book is a classic example of

character assination – he really went out of his way to make me look like a

wimp. Mayhbe he should tangle with the Hell’s Angels like I did – I doubt he

would look like Mr. Wonderful.        

Sorry to lay my troubles on you – but what the hell, you’re a good listener.

Luv ya, Charlie.




              Re: Good to Go


              Wed, 24 Sep 97 23:34:21 +0000









Sorry Tom Harlan got to you before I could tell you about it. I’m certainly

not trying

to make you take sides.         Will call you tomorrow. We’re sending a copy of

book to Boynton because he hadn’t read it.         It sure seems he and Gallagher

should remember that day – they got a medal for it.         I don’t want anyone to

lie, or

to say that someone else lied.         Is the truth so bad?

Remember wearing helmet & jacket – probably near the end when I would black

out and didn’t feel I could function.

Why Harry waited 30 years is beyond me.         Don’t know what you mean about

statute of limitations.         If you have to come to Va. Beach, I pay.         You know,


can’t ever remember saying anything bad about or to Harry over there.

YFFL, Charlie.





              Fri, 17 Oct 97 23:32:27 +0000





Don’t know why the Eagle won’t return calls from my attorney. Seems as

though Roy Dean won’t either.         I don’t know why they despise me, especially

Roy Dean.

I didn’t go to NIS and it’s time they believe it.         We are not out to hurt

themj, so

why the “hate watch”.

I guess you’r getting the fever for the Muster.         Hope you have a good time.

If you drank, I’d ask you to have one for me.

YFFL, Charlie


              Wed, 20 Aug 97 23:50:32 +0000





Where have you been?         I wondered why you were so quiet.

Have read Boehm’s book – not bad.         As for Harry, does he

know the definition of “libel” and “malice”?

Hope you are yours are well.         YFFL Chicken Charlie.

To: el.ticitl@worldnet.att.net From: sorr@metrolink.net (sorr)  Fri, 25 Apr 1997 01:34:29 

Dear Doc, Your(our) pages on Kerrey are neatly packaged in eyecatching art and color. The text is about as subtle as a SEAL firefight, but I haven’t hit on any improvements yet, either. Let me think about it for a while. You’re probably right about having something bold that hits people between the eyes: I’m not sure that smooth but blandly vague prose wouldn’t turn off the people likely to read your page. Just the same, I hope Kerrey doesn’t blunder on that tax poem. He is a Democrat, and they’ve been known how to spend general tax revenues. Jesse Helms didn’t win the Congressional Medal of Honor, but he’d agree totally with the tax poem. 

If and when I think I can add an improvement, I’ll edit the page. Until then, we’ll go with the Neanderthal approach. Glad you’re feeling better, and be careful about that work. It does sound appealing, though. I’ve found that having too little to do is even worse than having too much. Cheers, Sam 

Sam Orr World Traveler and Philanthrope 
(Location Unknown)

From ‑ Thu Apr 24 16:22:45 1997

To: el.ticitl@postoffice.worldnet.att.net

From: Kent Dillingham <SEAL@The‑South.Com>

At 14:33 4/16/97 ‑0500, you wrote:     The Teams <SEAL@The‑South.com>,

Hey my man “Killer K”  

             remember I am new at this HTML stuff. I am having tons of problems

with this Freebee because I cannot use my WYSIWYG software in Netscape.

Uh, well you might want to D/L HotDog Pro, that’s what I use but it’s not

totally wysiwyg. I will give you the password for it.

>             I appreciate your help if possible. also you are welcome to do that

>link stuff the name is SEALmemorial and PW:psU646 (case sensitive)



Just let me know what you need. I’ll get to that link.



Former Navy SEAL swims across bay for MDA 

By SONJA BARISIC Associated Press Writer 5/30/97 6:14 PM 

VIRGINIA BEACH (AP) — As a kid delivering newspapers in Norfolk’s Ocean View section, Michael Bond would look out over the Chesapeake Bay and dream of swimming across it. 

On Friday, the 40-year-old former Navy SEAL fulfilled that dream and raised money for children with muscular dystrophy, various diseases that progressively destroy the muscles. 

”It’s a good day for a swim,” he told reporters as he waded into calm but chilly 62-degree water off Fisherman’s Island at 8:22 a.m. ”See you on the other side.” 

Eight hours and 30 minutes later, Bond waded ashore at Lynnhaven Inlet in Virginia Beach as 150 onlookers cheered. His fiance, Lynda LaLonge, ran into the water and gave him a hug and kiss. 

”I’m a little wobbly and disoriented,” said Bond, who added that his ears hurt and his tongue was swollen from salt water. 

Bond said he stopped only to eat two bananas and sip Gatorade while treading water. About eight miles into the swim, a tanker had to be diverted so Bond could cross a shipping channel. 

June Plymate, 36, of Newport News, sat on a wheelchair waiting for Bond to arrive. She and her 16-year-old daughter Becky both have muscular dystrophy. 

”I want to let him know someone gives thanks for what he is doing for us,” Ms. Plymate said. 

The former Navy commando wore a black and blue insulated wetsuit to retain heat, a yellow swimmer’s cap and goggles. He swam freestyle the entire way. 

Bond figured it would take him eight hours to swim the 15 miles from the island on the southern tip of Virginia’s Eastern Shore to Virginia Beach. 

Bond prepared for the swim by training intensively six days a week since October, lifting weights, running and swimming. His longest swim prior to Friday was six miles. 

Another swimmer, Ruben Quezada of Virginia Beach, joined Bond in the water Friday to help him set a pace. Quezada, 28, also swam most of the way. Bond also was accompanied by some SEAL buddies in three boats. 

Bond asked people to pledge money for every mile he swims or donate a lump sum. Quantrex, the Virginia Beach computer software company he owns, also set up an Internet site to accept pledges. 

About $5,000 in pledges had been received by Friday, but pledges were still coming in. The money will go to the Hampton Roads Muscular Dystrophy Association, which funds research, patient services, support groups and a summer camp in Wakefield. 

Bond said he was moved to help the MDA when he began designing software for a children’s hospital in Norfolk. Seeing children with muscular dystrophy sitting in wheelchairs made him think of a friend’s brother, who died of MD, and of the kids he coaches in Little League. 

Bond spent 13 years as a SEAL until devoting himself full time to his computer business in 1993. 

Bond isn’t the first to swim the bay for a good cause. In the early 1980s, Eastville resident Inothe Roads did it to benefit the American Red Cross. 

AP-ES-05-30-97 1811EDT