“Rip” Collins (SEAL) Photo Album

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 “Rip” Collins (SEAL) Photo Album

A virtual trip to Little Creek VA

                                    “Rip” holds the record to the Little Creek Obstacle course


Naval Amphibious Schools
Obstacle Course 
Official course records

Time                      Set By                 Date

  7 min 24 sec              Keithline H.           Oct 10  1956

  7 min 15 sec             Collins  H.B.            Oct 14  1957

  7 min 10 sec             Beal L.M.                 July 3    1958

  6 min 57 sec             Collins  H.B.            July 15  1959

   6 min 40 sec             Collins  H.B.            Aug 15   1958

Dear Erasmo “Doc” Riojas, Thanks for your inquiry about my husband “Rip” Collins. Rip is interested in meeting you and A. Dee Clark. This has been a real blessing for him. He has been very detached from everyone from the Teams since we moved so far away. I don’t know if Jake Rhinebolt told you, but Rip had a serious head injury in St. Thomas and was retired on a medical. He can’t read or write, and had to learn to speak again. I’m telling you this to let you know he would love a visit, but he isn’t a big talker. He can talk so much better now, but usually just listens. He’s just happy to be included. He’s such a remarkable guy. I admire him so much….even if he is trying to my patience at times. Ha! We live in Atlanta, Texas. It is about 26 miles south of Texarkana on Hwy 59. We are about 56 miles north of Shreveport LA. It is a three-state area we call the Ark-La-Tex. We are only a few miles from the Oklahoma border, so we are actually a four state area. Hwy 59 is the main hiway and it goes all the way to Mexico. It is a small town and we love it here. We have two married daughters who are school teachers. We have four granchildren, two girls and two boys, and one great-granchild. If you will let me know when and where your meetings of the GulfCoast SEALs. I’ll do my best to see that he gets to one. It would be such a blessing to him. Thanks so much for contacting us. God bless you, Pat Collins (Rip’s wife)

On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 10:48 AM,
Robert Muzslay < rmuzslay [at] sterlingcreditcorp DOT com> wrote:

Hey Doc
Thanks for the update and the pictures. I knew Rip very well. I remember after the accident when he came back to the Team he was having problems with his memory and speech, needless to say the guys were relentless. Guys were so brutal they kept stuttering like he was and picking on him. You know at the Teams, you get no sympathy. I’m certain he would not remember me but I admired his athletic skills. I saw Rip at McAllisters funeral then at the Creek after his accident.

Some of the pictures brought back fond memories like the picture of the football team and the one with Martinez and Harrison. Martinez is the one holding the coffee cup down on the left near the bottom.

Thank s again

Robert Muzslay