Seal Reunion 2014 EC

SEAL Reunion East Coast 2014

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This is NOT "Doc" Clark Doc Clark was a HMCM !
Fred Miller, ??, CHuck Detmer
Doc Riojas and , I forgot his name ! damn old age brain !
Frank Walters
Three Young Lions, and Erasmo "Doc" Riojas 83 year old has been
Lt. to Rt. Fred Miller, Jack Menendez, ???, Doc Riojas
WOW! Bill Bishop ! and Fred Miller
This Piggie died for us: SO GOOD !
Fred Miller's Class Teamates and Mary Ann Koenig
__??_Black and Mark Black
Erasmo Riojas, Miles Pierson, Norm Nesbitt, Bob Moore
John Kirby and Fred Miller
John Jaunzems, chuck Detmer
Fred Miller, Bill Langley, Ed McQueen, Jim Redmond, Julie Langley, ??
Fred Miller and others