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  NavSpecWarGru ARCHIVES:
    by R.D. Russell (SEAL) & Pam
 in Ft. Collins, CO.

   The SEAL assault on Patilla Airfield duringOperation Just Cause
In 1989 the United States invaded Panama.            

    Underwater Demolition                 

   SEALs the Top One Percent !                    

    The Bull Frog     Is BUD/S training a waste of the taxpayer’s money?                      

    Michael Toussaint Receives Silver Star

    FOX NEWS,  anchor Jenna Lee Marries a Navy SEAL

     Navy SEAL’s family knows the pain of loss

     NEWSWEEK Magazine: Secret-Warriors

  A tribute to a fallen SEAL teammate;   2011 Memorial Day

    Texas veteran remembers his days as a Navy SEAL predecessor               

 AP sources: Raiders knew mission a one-shot deal

      Terry “Mother Moy” Moy article on BUD/S training program                   

  USS Michael Murphy launched    See Christening Article and Photos HERE!

  MCPO Tom Keith talks about Osama Bin Laden’s  Operation by DEVGRU  SEALs

FL Rep Tom Rooney intro’s Bill to recognize UST SEAL Memorial in Ft. Pierce                                    

  SEALs to be using Aerial Drones                                    

  The Hank Williams Museum                           

  Texas veteran remembers his days as a Navy SEAL predecessor

   Saluting Austin County’s Veterans – Frank Sayle served with Navy Seals

    On the Physical Death of Jesus Christ         

  Ric and Rhonda Walker SOUTHERN CROSS MORGAN Horses              

  Brandon Stone a LT Navy SEAL  WIA  Afganistan        

 IRSC Lifelong Learning Institute class teaches students about SEALs             

    Stephen Ricciardelli   ” Firearms of the WORLD” ,  an unbelievable amount of gun info                          

 Navy SEAL, Kaj Larsen, USNav Academy Graduate, being Waterboarded

    Navy UDT-SEAL Bond:  Story from All Hands Magazine TV

     Christian James Lambertsen, (born 15 May 1917, Died 11 February 2011)

    SEAL Two Photo Gallery on            

                          Don  Belcher      “>Slide Show                           

     Molina and Sosa are awared Silver Stars  also:Three bronze stars with combat “V” were also awarded to Molina, Lt. Cmdr. John Green                                                                                                                                                          and Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Thomas Shea

     Hollywood effects Military Training Camp    several  movies that make combat training very realistic             

   Rev. Larry Lyons and Melissa’s Vietnam Vacation:  moved  HERE !

  Subic Pay P.I. A Trip down Memory Lane

Navy SEAL Photos In New Book, “SEAL:     The Unspoken Sacrifice” (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

  Poseidon Adventures Limited  Tulsa’s Most Experienced Scuba Diving Training Center                

   The BULL FROG by Bill Salisbury The San Diego READER

    USMC B/D  2010     MOVIE     Semper Fi!     Do or Die!

     Frogmen Under Water       from LCDR Bill Langley                              

        SEAL charged with killing Civilian in Afganistan                

        Wounded Afghan eagle rescued by Navy SEALs will get airlift to USA, N.Y.

    Jade Rooster by:  Roger L. Crossland (SEAL)

      Hal Kuykendall’s W.C. Pre-reunion Photos  Coronado 2010               

      Tiny community of Corbett creates a lasting monument to fallen SEAL, Jeff Lucas                            

    At War’s End, U.S. Ship Rescued South Vietnam’s Navy   ‘nam Vets, a “Must Read”                

   POST OFFICE Dedicated to Roy Boehm in FL

        Hell Week LT. Frederick H. Kaiser, Class 33                   

        SEAL  Recruiters!                         

   Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines                        

    Rudy Boesch SEAL Challenge RUN                            

       Dan Cnossen SEAL WIA  Story                       

    Special Warfare Solutions   LCDR “Sandy” Pidgeon, USN (ret)  

           20 June 2009:  Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam 

      The USS BEGOR—UDT Connection By Barry McCabe, Ensign, UDT-21, 1945                                           

       USS SKYLARK (ASR-20) Roster (add your name if you served on her)                    

    Old SEALs and Old Frogs, Narrative on HELL WEEK                           

POs Julio Huertas & Jonathan Keefe, found not guilty  

Ronald Tyler Woodle, 26, died in dive training in Key West, Fla.            

     SEAL Heritage Building, Little Creek VA.                                

      Fifties Frogs Web Site    

     LCDR Mack M. Boynton Book                                    

    Special Forces Roll Of Honour »       UDTs » Roll Of Honour      

    UDT-SEAL Obituary Records    “Kerry King, Records Manager”

     Phonies and Wannabe’s of all kinds   by     POWERNET.ORG   please support them!

    Fallen SEAL Heroes 

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The NAVY LOG !  looking for an old Navy buddy?
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   Support The SEALs   Support The SEALs: Drop the Unfair and Outrageous Charges NOW!                           

   Navy SEALs accused of punching accused Falluja plotter; to be court martialed

    Nate Hardy SEAL was killed at age 29 during a Feb. 4, 2008     

      U.S. Navy SEAL Mark Metherell, who died in Iraq on April 11, 2008          

     Navy SEAL Photo Book is out. 

   Abe Trindle: SEAL trades uniform for books, football pads

   War and Special Ops  VIDEOS                                    

    Vietnam War reports to NavForV.

  Lt. Lawrence J. Yatch II,   a retired Navy SEAL

  Bull Frog Retires:  Capt. Pete Wikul

  American Special Ops: SEALs                    

  Mom hopeful for SEAL son Daniel Cnossen                                    

   BLOG U.S. Navy SEALs         

  Bob Stoner’s Boat Pages

 Mini Sub, All I Never See It – -, Schocking  PICTURES!       

 “Three Coastguardsmen Left in SEAL Quest”
                            First there were 19 who were whittled down to 12. Then only five
                  were left standing.                    SOME HAVE GRADUATED, Already !    go HERE !

     John Carl Roat Diving Movies on “yourtube”                      

  Photos of the Reunion:   Fraternal Order UWSS  May 2009

    MCPO William Dowdy,  Promotion photo album                               

  FIFTIES Frogs Web Site by Webmaster Pam Russell                                   

  Billy Burbank’s Photo Album                                 

   Sniper School,    and    How SEALs can hit a moving Target Target   

  Navy SEAL Ernest H. Greppin III  Killed in Training accident     

    Bob Bureker EOD; his web pages, many many !

   Vietnam War Resources      

    A HUGE collection of Vietnam Photos  . . . . . . . . . . more HERE!         

     Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide                Vietnam MAPs          

     The United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit    their BLOGSPOT        

  “Rip” Collins SUPERFrogman Photo ALbum Little Creek VA.

  SEAL Sniper Rifles with descriptions and photos.

V.T.C.:  Do not bother if you cannot prove you are a real SEAL !

Pirates are terrorists, so treat them as such                 

3 ‘phenomenal shots’ ended pirate hostage crisis          

    U.S. Halted Some Afghan Raids Over Concern On Civilian Deaths      

 Kinky Friedman    Poi Dog  letter to Obama the Magic Negro

Marge Boesch on REALITY NEWS LIVE, what they say

Mark Robbins; SEAL lost eye, but teammates never lost nerve

  Song: Blood on the Risers     

  Navy SEALs’ first task: Survive ‘Hell Week’

  2008 Navy Review in Pictures

  Author of “Stolen Valor”, Doug Sterner; probably the No.1 wannabe chaser !   

    (SEAL) Shapoor Alexander Ghane Jr.killed in Live Fire Training    

    Welcome:  A site for “Team Guys”

  Navy: SEALs’ own errors led to chute deaths: Thomas J. Valentine and Lance M. Vaccaro

  Moise’s Bibliography on Navy SEALs.   Statistics about the Vietnam War

  William Brown, SEAL from New Jersey eyes 500-mile Iraq jaunt

    Jan 2009  Roy Boehm, R.I

   Muster XXIII Ft. Pierce FL Photo ALbum

    many photographs    

    Marge Boesch,  R.I.P.       Marge Boesch, may she Rest in Peace

    Navy Divers Assn

    Ask A Navy SEAL    by Lt. Ryan Cusper  a combat-decorated Navy SEAL and nationally                           syndicated                                      advice columnist. His weekly column, Ask A Navy SEAL, appears in 250 newspapers nationwide.

    ID phony SEALs

  Jason R. Freiwald (SEAL)  KIA Memorial

  John Wayne Marcum and Jason Richard Freiwald  KIA in Afganistan  

  Joshua T. Harris  (SEAL) R.I.P.


  Hell Week               SEAL Music Cadence MP3

    Bush Chortles While Navy SEAL Is Hung Out to Dry

   U.S. Navy Careers

   AirSoft MK23 Navy Seal Pistol with Detachable Fake Suppressor, and Extra Magazine

   ‘Not Dead, Can’t Quit’ — no limit thi  The warrior knows if he chooses the weakest path,
the only person he truly cheats is himself.
— Richard Machowicz, “Unleashing the Warrior Within”

   ITHACA Model 37 Shotgun

  Extreme SEAL experience    also   article SEAL training 

  Brian Curle Kiss Ass

   Send me your LINK !  docrio45 [@]

  Aug 2008 Japan Vacation Photos

    MCPO “Hoot” Andrews (SEAL)  R.I.P.

   UDT’s Korean War Project                           

      Rogue Warrior is back in: Dictator’s Ransom      

    Jason R. Freiwald   KIA  Afganistan

    Fred Miller Manufactures Custom Rifles

    New boss takes over special warfare command

     Former Minn Gov. Jesse Ventura steals thunder and 
                                                       the stage at Ron Paul rally at Target Center

      Joshua T. Harris  (SEAL) R.I.PP.

      JAPAN Trip PHOTOS by Roy Dean Matthews and Doc Riojas

      Jack “Doc” Salts may he Rest In Peace Aug 2008

     blackwater : defending Blackwater.    Eric Prince SEAL steps down                         

   Joint Navy-Army Salvaging Team Successfully Raises Former Russian Submarine

    PHOTOS JAPAN 2008: Roy Dean Matthews and Doc Riojas visit 

    Larry Lyons, “On The Road Ministry” & SEAL for Christ web site.

      Coastie SEALs to Bring ‘Esprit’ to Service;    The U.S. Navy has angered many in the Coast Guard

   Navy SEALs Help Jack Bauer in TV Show’24’

    Paul Evancoe Autor  

    20 Photos of SEAL BUD/S training    &  Only Men need apply for SEAL Teams        

     SEAL Equipment Red Cell  ST-6                                        

       CPO Mc Faul  KIA Panama   

    Special Forces Roll of Honor 

  Vietnam Photos HERE!NOV 2009  Roy Dean    
Photos of Vietnam Cu Chi Tunnels HERE!
by Tom Hayden

United States Navy Memorial :     The Navy Log Search

Rip Collins (SEAL) Record Holder Little Creek Obstacle Course!

  “SEAL JAVA Webs” by “Nightscribe” Mr .Rich  Young God Bless him.     Thank you very much for all your tributes to the U.S. Navy SEALs Links.     This is a “Must See Website” very well done !   

Vietnam War casualties listed by Home of Record.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam Smith, a SEAL, Laid to REST, RIP

Movie courtesy of “Andy” Anerson:    SEAL Team TWO CPO Initiations, 1960’s Some of these SEALs are still Alive! 

Today’s News about:U.S.Navy    SEALs 

U.S. Navy SEALs in Panama
Five  (5) Videos go and click on “Special Forces: Untold Stories”

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                   ERASMO RIOJAS



MY THO, RVN 1967

Rate / Rank

Service Branch

Service Dates
9/1948 -11/1970



  • U.S.Navy Boot Camp ,  USNavTrngCenter  San
    Diego Ca.
  • Hospital Corps School, USNH Balboa   San
    Diego Ca.
  • USNavHosp    NNMC  
    Bethesda, Md.
  • USNAS  Anacostia , Wash. D.C.
  • 2nd MarDiv Camp Lejune  N.C. Montfort
    Point   FMSS Sch.
  • Camp Pendleton Ca.,  USMC Combat training and
    Winter training for deployment Korean Police Action
  • First Mar Div, FMF, 1st Reg. 2nd Bn  Fox
    Co.  Korea
  • First Mar Div, FMF, Charlie Medical
    Company   Korea
  • 3d Mar Div, FMF, Camp Pendleton Ca  
    Hdquarters Co.
  • USNAS Corpus Christi, TX.
  • D.S.D.S.,USNavGunFactory,  class 4/55
  • TAD, Mare Island Ca, awaiting tranportation to Pearl
  • USS COUCAL ASR-8 , Pearl Harbor T.H.
  • USNH Corpus Christi  TX
  • USNH Portsmouth VA.  Med.Admin. School
  • USNavGunFactory  Wash, D.C.  USNav Dispensary
  • DSDS, USNavGunFactory DeepSeaDiver  DV
  •  USS FULTON AS-11, New London Conn.
  • USS SKYLARK ASR-20   State Pier, New London
  • USS George Washington (SSBN-598)(blue), TAD, 
    to Holy Loch
  • USS PROTEUS AS-19, Holy Loch, Scotland
  • USS SIMON LAKE  AS-33, Charleston  S.C.
  • UWSS,   UDT Combat   Swimmer Key West Fl.
  • Ft. Benning Ga,  Basic Parachute Jump School
  • Many Army/Navy/Civilian schools while a member of
  • VIETNAM, Three Tours with ST-2
  • Nov 1970, Transferred to Fleet Reserve.

Thank you American Taxpayers for my adventure!

  • Authorized to wear the SPECWARFARE SEAL Breast
    Insignia,  Navy Parachute Wings, Diving Medical
    Technician badge and FMF Combat Operation Insignia
    (Korea Combat Fleet Marine Force [FMF] )
  • and many others



UDT – SEAL Assn.  
UDT-SEAL Museum   
National Rifle Assn.   
Military Order
ofthe Purple Heart   

Veterans of  Foreign Wars   
Disabled Veterans
Knife Kill”  Club




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